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3 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Real and Custom) – Film Daily




Instagram comments play a powerful role in generating engagement on your posts.  The number of comments an Instagram posts collect sends a strong message about its popularity.  Precisely where the best sites to buy Instagram comments can help, helping you generate real engagement in no time.

But is it effective or even safe to buy comments for your Instagram account? If so, what should you be looking for in an Instagram service provider for maximum value for money?  

List of 3 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

  1. Best for Custom Comments  – Media Mister
  2. Best for Affordable PricesGetAFollower
  3. Best for Targeted CommentsBuy Real Media

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

If you plan on buying comments, you need to ensure you exclusively buy real Instagram comments. These are the only comments that are 100% safe and can help you boost your online presence.

Unfortunately, purchased comments that are identical to organic comments are fairly thin on the ground.  Most sellers offer nothing but bot-generated spam, or irrelevant comments of zero value.

Whether looking to buy 20 Instagram comments or two thousand, authenticity is everything. Of the dozens of providers doing the rounds right now, these are by far the three best sites to buy Instagram comments that actually work:

Media Mister

For more than a decade, Media Mister has been offering hundreds of promotional packages for most social media platforms.  Possibly the best place to buy Instagram comments where knowledge, experience and customer service are concerned.


Everything is competitively priced, there’s a refund guarantee for added reassurance and a 60-day retention warranty. They also promise fast delivery and the guarantee of 100% authentic comments. All manually written and submitted, with the option to buy custom Instagram comments if preferred.

Media Mister has built a pretty stellar reputation over the years and is definitely one to check out for Instagram comments.

Media Mister has variety of cost-effective options to suit all budgets, including the following:

  • 5 Instagram comments 
  • 10 Instagram comments
  • 25 Instagram comments 
  • 50 Instagram comments 
  • 100Instagram comments 
  • 250 Instagram comments
  • 500 Instagram comments 
  • 1,000 Instagram comments 


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Similarly, GetAFollower has been doing its thing on the social media marketing scene for some time now. More than long enough to earn a reputation as one of the best sites to buy Instagram comments at rock-bottom prices.

Don’t let the name fool you – these guys are about way more than followers alone. They have one of the biggest catalogues of promotional packages of any seller on the web.  Put to the test, their comments look great – nothing out of the ordinary to identify them as purchased.


Again, there’s the option of custom comments, or comments written and submitted by the GetAFollower team. Nothing automated or random – all relevant to the post.  They also accept a long list of payment methods including PayPal, which is nice to see.

Buy Real Media

Authenticity is the name of the game at Buy Real Media – a newcomer to the scene that’s hit the ground running.  Incredibly, prices start from less than $5.00 and yet the quality of the comments on offer is exemplary.

This could be the best site to buy real Instagram comments if you’re looking to get as much as possible for next to nothing.  Not to mention, if you’re looking to buy other promotional products at the same time. They cover all social networks and have an endless catalogue of products available to suit all budgets.

Best of all, they’re a friendly bunch with surprisingly prompt response times to customer service queries. Very impressive, considering most of what’s on offer costs no more than a few bucks.

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How to Buy Instagram Comments?

Contrary to popular belief, getting more comments on your Instagram posts really couldn’t be easier.


Here’s how it works:

Make Your Instagram Account Public

First up, you will need to make sure your Instagram account has been set to public, in order for the comments to be added to your posts.

Select the Provider

Next, pick any service provider we mentioned above that exclusively provides 100% authentic comments, covering every sale with a money-back guarantee.

Instagram likes can do a lot for someone's business and brand. Find out what makes them so important here.

Pick a Suitable Package

Find a package that suits your requirements and your budget – you can buy anything from the above-mentioned service providers for a handful of comments to hundreds per order.

Enter Your IG Post URL

Provide the seller with the URL of the post you want the comments to be added to – never submit your passwords or login credentials.


Pay Your Order

Complete the order process by transferring payment and your comments will be added gradually, to maintain discretion and authenticity

How to Increase Comments on Your Instagram Posts?

Even if you decide to buy Instagram comments, you still need to put in the legwork.  Companies that sell Instagram comments and Instagram growth services in general can help you expand your presence.  But after you buy Instagram comments, you will need to consider the following factors to continue attracting organic comments:

Ask for Comments

Firstly, why not simply ask people to comment on your posts? It sounds simple, but can nonetheless be surprisingly effective.

Host a Contest

Contests and giveaways never fail to generate engagement on platforms like Instagram, so consider hosting them regularly.

Instagram followers can make a difference. Here are some tips on how to get more followers today.

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Post Creative and Interesting Content

Of course, you also need to post the kind of content people actually want to comment on. This should therefore be your priority at all times – content is King on Instagram.


Create Funny Memes

Memes can also be great for boosting engagement and attracting comments – the kind of instant gratification content Instagram audiences love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Comments on Instagram?

Authentic comments of relevance to the post submitted by real Instagram users start from around $2.00. However, you’ll get an even better deal by buying more at once.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Comments?

Yes – real comments that are identical to organic comments are 100% safe to buy.  Always seek assurances of authenticity, before placing your order.

Final Thoughts

Comments are highly influential indications of engagements on Instagram. Importantly, comments play a key role in boosting the credibility and appeal of your posts.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be taken seriously on Instagram, you need all the comments you can get. Buying comments can help, but the importance of authenticity and relevance cannot be overstated.


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5 apps for scheduling Instagram posts on iPhone and Android





Alright, we get it. You’re an Instagram Nostradamus.

You know exactly what you want to post and when you’re gonna want to post it. Maybe there’s a meme or comment you want to make that you know will be totally relevant for a future moment or event. Or it could be that you’re an influencer and you want to make sure you keep a steady stream of content coming, so you want to schedule posts for times when you know you won’t be active (or won’t have internet access).

You’ll be happy to know there are apps that are specialized for just such situations. So listen up, InstaNostradamuses…Instagrostra…Instadam…Insta…uh…you guys (we’ll workshop it. No we won’t. We’ll probably just abandon that effort completely. You’re welcome) — these are the Instagram-post-scheduling apps for you.

While all of the iPhone apps below are free to download, they all have some in-app purchases.

1. Planoly


We’ll start with “official partner” of Instagram, itself, Planoly — an Instaplanner that uses a grid to let you plan, schedule, and publish posts (as well as Reels) on Instagram. The app also lets you see post metrics and analytics so you can make sure your post didn’t flop.

Planoly is available for iOS on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android.


2. Buffer

BufferCredit: buffer / app store

Buffer is another Instagram post scheduler that helps you plan your posts and analyze feedback once they’re published. Use a calendar view to drag and drop posts into days/time slots for easy scheduling.

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Buffer is available for iOS on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android.

3. Preview

PreviewCredit: preview / app store

Preview offers typical post-scheduling tools and analytics along with a few helpful extras. Get caption ideas, recommendations for hashtags, and more.

Preview is available for iOS on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android.

4. Content Office

Content OfficeCredit: content office / app store

An Instagram post scheduler with a visual boost, Content Office allows users to plan and schedule Instagram posts while learning “marketing and visual guides to grow your brand on Instagram.” Like aesthetics and using visuals to create cohesive themes? Maybe this is the Instaplanner for you.


Content Office is available for iOS on the Apple App Store.

5. Plann

PlannCredit: plann / apple store

You’ll never guess what “Plann” lets you do…

Aside from scheduling posts, get content ideas and recommendations, as well as strategy tips to ensure you’re maximizing your Instagram engagement. Ever wonder when the best time to post something is? Plann can offer you some help with that.

Plann is available for iOS on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android.

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Social networking websites launch features to encourage users to get boosters





Facebook Instagram and TikTok are launching new features to encourage people to get their coronavirus booster jabs.

From Friday, users will be able to update their profiles with frames or stickers to show that they have had their top-up jab or aim to when they become eligible.

It follows on from people previously being able to show they have had their first and second jabs on certain social networking websites and apps.

TikTok also held a “grab a jab” event in London earlier this year.

I urge everyone who is eligible – don’t delay, get your vaccine or top up jab today to protect yourself and your loved ones

More than 16 million booster vaccines have now been given across the UK.

People who are aged 40 and above and received their second dose of their vaccine at least six months ago are currently eligible to have their booster.

A new campaign advert is also being launched on Friday, which shows how Covid-19 can build up in enclosed spaces and how to prevent that from happening.

Vaccines minister Maggie Throup said:  “Getting your booster is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family this winter.

“It is fantastic to see some of the biggest household names further back the phenomenal vaccine rollout, allowing their users to proudly display that they have played their part in helping us build a wall of defence across the country.

“I urge everyone who is eligible – don’t delay, get your vaccine or top-up jab today to protect yourself and your loved ones.”

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How many hashtags should you use to get the most ‘Likes’ on Instagram?




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Hashtags are a key feature of Instagram posts. In fact, they have become an essential means of ensuring more ‘Likes’ on social media – so long as you choose them wisely.

But how many hashtags should you use to maximise your popularity on the social network? The answer might surprise you.

It’s a question that many Instagram users ask themselves: what’s the right number of hashtags to add to a post? To find out, the Later platform analysed 18 million Instagram posts, excluding videos, Reels and Stories.

Interestingly, Later’s results differ from Instagram’s own recommendations. According to Later’s analysis, using more hashtags helps get better results in terms of “reach”, or the percentage of users exposed to the post. By using 20 hashtags, Later observed an optimal average reach rate of just under 36%. Using 30 hashtags gets the next-best reach rate. With five hashtags, reach hits just under 24%.

And while a post’s reach is important, engagement is even more so. From “Likes” and comments to shares and follows – on average, 30 hashtags appears to result in better engagement rates: “When it comes to average engagement rate, using 30 Instagram hashtags per feed post results in the most likes and comments,” says Later’s research.

Yet, at the end of September 2021, Instagram advised its creators to use between three and five hashtags for their posts, while warning them against using too many. The social network advised that using 10 to 20 hashtags per post “will not help you get additional distribution”.

For Later, there could be other reasons behind Instagram’s recommendations: “As Instagram continues to expand their discoverability and SEO tools, it makes sense that they want users to experiment with fewer, more relevant hashtags – this could help them accurately categorise and recommend your posts in suggested content streams, like the Instagram Reels feed or the updated hashtag search tabs,” the website explains. – AFP Relaxnews

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