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50 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers that are Real and Active – Grit Daily



TikTok – what better way to expand your brand’s reach right now, and find more people who are going to like your product or service? 

Ever since TikTok became a thing back in 2018, it has taken over the world of social media, and changed the way that people create videos and interact with other people online. 

It is by far one of the most popular options in the industry currently if you are trying to connect with more of your target audience, share content that you are passionate about, or expand your brand’s reach. 

When it first started, it was just a place to build a following around content that you could create, but these days, a lot of brands have caught onto it as well. 

This is the reason for hundreds if not thousands of people vying for your attention, and there are a lot of individuals who are getting frustrated at the lack of attention.


So, what do we do when we aren’t getting enough attention on TikTok? We outsource some of our engagement growth to industry experts who know what they’re doing. 

There are many aspects to your TikTok engagement, namely your followers, likes, comments, and shares. 

If you aren’t trying to grow all of this at the same time, you could end up falling behind the competition, and not doing as well as you had hoped. However, there is a way around this, and it is to find the best sites to buy TikTok followers

We always recommend to our readers that they start somewhere, and we think starting with your TikTok followers is a good bet — but we do not recommend buying followers.

We have put together a list of companies that appear trusted by their existing clients and have great reputations in the industry when it comes to enabling you to buy TikTok followers. Let’s review them.



When someone comes to us to ask us what company we think is one of the best out there in relation to buying TikTok followers, we say Tokupgrade

This site its not only the best place for your TikTok engagement, but they are the best place if you are hoping that every single one of your TikTok followers is real and active. 

They are definitely up there in the industry when it comes to enabling you to buy your TikTok engagement in general, so they are very well established among the people that use them already. 

This means that they have spent a lot of time growing their reputation, which is a challenging thing to do. 

They sit down with each and every one of their clients and talk to them about what their target audience looks like, so that they can promote them appropriately. 

They also have excellent customer support in case you need it.



This company is definitely up there and on the same level as Tokupgrade, which is why they have made it to the number two spot on our list. 

They can assist you when you buy TikTok followers in a way that helps you avoid anything but real and active engagement. 

The thing about the TikTok growth industry is that there are a lot of fake engagement options out there, which you will want to avoid. These guys make sure that you avoid these at all costs. 

We also really like that they have a set-up system that is only going to take you just two or three minutes, and there is absolutely no obligation to commit for a long period of time, which means you can cancel your subscription with them at any point. 

They talk about how they utilize advanced filters as well, so that they’re really going out on a limb when it comes to finding the right TikTok followers for your content.


This site is a great choice if you expect to be around on TikTok for a while and want a way to be able to buy your TikTok followers that is sustainable and falls in line with your existing reputation. 

These guys talk a lot on their website about how they have a large network for you to make the most of, so you can easily get famous not only on TikTok, but over on Twitter and YouTube as well. 


As far as pricing goes, we think that these guys have some competitive results, and they also have a professional support team that you can make the most of, in case anything goes wrong with their features. 

At the end of the day, these guys are a down-to-earth, relatable company that plans on being there for its clients for many years to come.


This company has a number of different words associated with its services, and one of these is ‘trustworthy’. 

It is easily seen as one of the most trustworthy businesses in this industry right now in terms of enabling you to help its clients buy TikTok followers that are real and active. 

This might not mean a lot to you right now, but as you spend more time in the industry, you will discover that the number of sites that are considered trustworthy are few and far between. 

They can not only help you in a way that preserves your existing reputation, and prioritizes a high level of accountability, but they can also help you on other websites out there that aren’t TikTok. 


If you are worried about delivery times, you don’t have to be, as they can deliver their services to you within just three days.


This business, as you might have been able to gather already if you have visited their website, is the kind of business that can assist you when you buy TikTok followers, that are exclusive to TikTok. 

This means that these guys are ideal if you are someone who has tunnel vision for TikTok right now, and you don’t really care about any of your other social platforms. 

It is always nice to have companies like this on your side that specialize in a specific platform, because you know that they are going to really prioritize the quality of their features. 

Naturally, these guys promise that they can help you with advanced filters and targeting that is going to connect you to the perfect group of people who will love being able to interact with your content on a daily basis.


This company has been in this business for a hot minute at this point, and they definitely know what each and every one of their customers need when it comes to enabling you to buy TikTok followers. 


They have an understanding of TikTok to the point where they know that your features are probably going to be different from other platforms, and they believe that they can make the entire process effortless and easy. 

They are also the kind of company that is ideal if you don’t plan on just growing your TikTok this year and want all of your social media platforms to do just as well.


ViewsExpert is the kind of business that has been quietly working away at its features for a long time now and has always been in the background of the industry. 

They aren’t the kind of company that wants a lot of credit for their features, yet somehow, they still manage to be one of the best when it comes to enabling their clients to buy TikTok followers. 

They believe that enabling you to grow your social presence is going to make all the difference when it comes to finding your target market, which is why they are passionate about working with their clients to make the most of their big network. 


Naturally, they can help you not only with TikTok, but with other important channels, so that you can grow everything at the same time.

Social Packages

Social Packages is the complete package of everything you would need to promote a social media platform. 

Naturally, they can assist you when you buy TikTok followers, and we love that their website is not only easy to explore, but it is aesthetically pleasing. They have definitely put a bit of time and effort into their website, and it has paid off. 

They are a renowned name in the industry of growing your TikTok account, and we think that they have a perfect list of features to help you get ahead. 

As well as offering their clients premium followers, they also promise that you can benefit from their fast delivery, and they even have a refill policy.

Advertisement could just be the perfect place to get you to where you want to be when it comes to your TikTok followers. 

These guys can easily enable you to buy TikTok followers, and they have in the past helped a number of people become viral, which is why they include this in their name. 

They have spent years in the social marketing industry, and if you spend any time on their website, you can tell. 

As well as having the ability to give their customers real and premium followers, they also say that they can help you with quick delivery, customer support that is available whenever you need it whether it is during the day or at night, and a refill policy. has a lot of knowledge when it comes to being up to grow its client’s TikTok profiles, so they are easily professionals in terms of having the ability to let you buy TikTok followers. 


They possess enough professionalism and expertise for you to do really well with your TikTok growth, and they claim that they have managed to use their services so far to boost many people’s careers. 

If you are hoping to grow your TikTok account and take it to the next level, then these guys are a great option. 

We love that they not only promise premium followers, but consistent delivery, so you never have to worry about where your followers are, no matter how many times you purchase them.


Viralyft is definitely one of the most popular sites in the business right now if you are expecting to buy TikTok followers. 

They promise that when it comes to social media promotion, they are experts, and they have a big group of experienced staff, who can help you get the desired results on your page. 


With these guys, you will find a variety of platforms available, including, you guessed it, TikTok. 

They are best known for the quality of their features, so every single follower that you receive from them is going to be real and active. 

This means that they don’t use a bot, which can go against TikTok’s terms and conditions.


Famups is a big name that we had to feature on this list, and a great source for you to buy TikTok followers. 

They discuss how they have been working away at their features for years at this point and over the years, they have managed to provide their clients with more than 85 different services and worked on more than 1000 projects. 


They also offer their clients some of the most affordable pricing in the market, and they can get your real and active TikTok followers delivered within just three days. 

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However, just keep in mind that if you purchase a large amount of followers, it might take up to a week for them to make it your way.

TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame is naturally the kind of company that can help you not only buy TikTok followers but can help you become famous. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have included the word ‘fame’ in their name. 

There is no need for you to worry about the capability of these guys, as they have helped hundreds of social media users already. 

They are easily one of the best sites in the industry, so you can trust them without any skepticism. 


They can easily provide their clients with high-quality followers that come from real accounts and real people. 

They believe that delivery is instant and is going to start happening within 30 seconds of you paying for your order.


Followersup is a staple of the social marketing industry and can effectively enable you to buy your TikTok followers. 

These guys have been around since 2016, so they have almost five years of experience helping their clients do really well with TikTok and other social media platforms.

They provide some of the best services that we have seen, but we believe that their strengths lie in their delivery times. 


They believe that they have some of the fastest delivery times in the industry, and we certainly believe them based on existing client reviews. 

They also pride themselves in offering their clients legitimate followers, which are going to take your profile a long way.


Bouxtie is the kind of website that completely dedicates itself its clients’ desire to buy TikTok followers, and other TikTok engagement. 

When it comes to using a company like this, you can expect the best and only the best from them, and the amount of followers you get from them determines the chances of you becoming famous. 

They believe that they can help increase these chances by delivering top-quality engagement to you. 


You can bet anything that all the followers you receive from these guys are legitimate and original, which are going to create a really good impression on your account.


InstBlast is easily one of the hardest working sites in this industry when it comes to being able to help its clients buy TikTok followers. 

In fact, they have been working in this industry for more than a decade, so with 10 years of experience under their belt, we think that they have a fair idea of what you need when it comes to everything to do with social media, including TikTok. 

We believe that they offer their clients features that make them worth investing in. The best part is that if you have a low budget at this point, you can receive free engagement in the beginning. 

They also promise that all of their followers are real and active, and they have a refill policy.



TikSocial is definitely a favorite when it comes to TikTok users out there. These guys can assist you when you buy TikTok followers and say that they have helped many clients with their website to help their accounts grow successfully. 

They have a long list of existing clients, and we highly recommend that you add your name to this if you want to do really well. 

As expected, all other followers that they supply their clients are real users, and they don’t use bots or automated software that is going to get you suspended or banned. 

It isn’t going to take the more than two days to deliver top-quality engagement to your TikTok page.


TikFuel could just be exactly what you need when it comes to enabling you to buy TikTok followers in a way that is successful, and sustainable. 


These guys run their features through a group of professionals and if you visit their website, you will see that this shows everything that they do. 

We love that they have put a little bit of time into their website, making it a little bit fancy, and it is obvious that it has been designed by a professional. 

They have obviously put a lot of effort and time into everything that they do, and we love that their features come with a lifetime guarantee.

 Musically Po

Musically Po is a great choice if you like the idea of working with people who have been incredibly successful in the TikTok industry so far, so you can bet anything that these guys can assist you when you buy TikTok followers in a way that is going to make your profile look good for a long time to come. 

They have been running a successful social marketing service since before TikTok was even a thing, and they have been able to help plenty of users get the desired results, so you can check out the testimonials that they have on their website. 


We also love that they help people that don’t have a big budget right now with free engagement.


Trollishly, is the perfect stop to get off at if your desire is to buy TikTok followers that are exclusive to your industry and niche. 

We absolutely love that these guys have gotten really popular over the last few years with the rise of TikTok, making them easily one of the best places to purchase your TikTok followers from. 

They offer incredibly quick delivery for all of their orders, so it’s not even going take a minute for your followers to start doing really well. 

As well as really quick delivery, they also say that you can get in touch with their support team whenever it suits you, and they even have a great refund policy.


TikTok Following

TikTok Following is the kind of website that as you might have been able to gather from the name is completely dedicated to helping clients on TikTok. 

We love that they are one of the most professional websites that we have come across, not only when it comes to their looks, but when it comes to their features. 

If you visit their home page, you can easily navigate to where you need to be when it comes to enabling you to buy TikTok followers, and they promise their deliveries are consistent and sustainable. 

They even have a refill policy that is good for six months.


Tokgrowth is slightly different to any other of the companies that we have mentioned already on this list. 


This is because they work hard to attract the maximum number of TikTok followers for your profile. 

They don’t just send you TikTok followers, they are thinking about what TikTok followers are going to look really good on your page, and act accordingly. 

Therefore, they aren’t suited to everybody, because they take a gradual process when it comes to their client’s growth. 

However, we can promise you that this is organic growth, and they also offer their clients VIP email support, so that you can stay connected with them as they grow your TikTok page.

Get a Follower

Get a Follower understands how important it is for its clients be able to buy TikTok followers that are going to constantly interact with their content. 


They also know how important it is for them as a brand to understand how social media platforms like TikTok behave. 

These two factors are essential to creating a platform that can help you with all of your TikTok performance issues. 

They claim that they have been working in the social marketing sector for more than 10 years, and as a result they’ve helped thousands of customers get what they need when it comes to their social media growth in general.


TikTop is one of those businesses that truly understands that there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to your social media performance. 

This means that if you are not an expert in technology, getting too technical when it comes to growing your TikTok followers might take away from everything else. 


This is why they want to take the reins and show you that they can make the entire process super easy and simple, so that you can focus on those videos and images that you want to be able to produce for your community. 

One feature that stood out to us about this site where you can buy TikTok followers is that they don’t require personal information like a password.


InstaFollowers might give you the impression that they are exclusive just to Instagram, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, TikTok is just one of the many social media platforms that they support, which we actually think can be used to your advantage. 

If you want to buy TikTok followers, but you also want help with your Instagram engagement, they can do it all. 

You might think that with a company like this, they compromise on the quality of their features by spreading themselves too thin, but the opposite is true. 


They have a high retention rate, and they promise that every follower that they send your way is real and effective.

Social Boosting

Social Boosting provides its clients with all kinds of different help for their social media growth, and the team behind this website include a number of different social marketing experts with a huge network that can help you get legitimate followers for your TikTok page. 

We love that they have spent a bit of time developing their website, which is why it feels really good to scroll through. 

That’s why they are easily set apart from other websites out there that might not be legitimate. 

They guarantee that every single follower that they send your way is real and active and is only going to add to your TikTok’s credibility.



Celebian is a play on the word ‘celebrity’, and you can see why. They are really serious about helping their clients grow their TikTok following and want them to be able to buy TikTok followers that are not only going to help you do really well, but help you get to celebrity status. 

They have been successful in helping a lot of their clients reach this stage, and they promise that every single one of the followers they send your way is authentic. 

They also provide their customers with regular discounts, and customer support that is only an email or phone call away.

TikTok Palace

TikTok Palace comes with all of the qualities that you need to not only get help with your followers, but literally go viral with your content, and get a huge following in a short amount of time. 

If you are consistently producing high-quality content, then there’s no reason why these guys can’t take your TikTok page all the way. 


They have established a name for themselves among their existing clients, and now have a long list of people who will vouch for their features. 

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One of the features that we love more than anything is the fact that they have a lifetime warranty, so no matter what stage you are at with them, they will ensure that you are getting the features that you need.

Popular Up

Popular Up has been able to amass a huge following in the industry of TikTok growth and can assist you when you buy TikTok followers in a way that is going to increase your chances of becoming famous. 

One thing that stands out to us about this site is that they can offer you 5 free followers in the beginning, which is kind of like a free trial. 

This way, you can see how their followers interact with their content, and whether they are worth your time. 


They also promise that their deliveries are on time and consistent and they have a lot of existing clients who will happily vouch for the credibility of their services.

Marketing Hy

Marketing Hy might not be best-known for assisting its clients with enabling them to buy TikTok followers, but they certainly are known for being marketing experts. 

They know every single detail when it comes to digital marketing, and they also know that you probably don’t have any prior technical knowledge, which is a part of the deal that they can cover. 

They have put their best foot forward when it comes to their features, so you can get your delivery fulfilled within hours of ordering it. 

If there are any issues with their features at any point, you can get in touch with their team of experts, and they promise that their deliveries will remain consistent for a long time to come.



PromoSound first started out as a platform that could help artists and musicians get ahead when it came to social media. 

As expected, they can assist you when you buy TikTok followers, but we believe that the team behind these features is sincere, and truly wants to help people whether they are a budding artist, or an aspiring influencer. 

This is why they only provide their clients with legitimate and active engagement, so if TikTok comes along and wants to check out your profile, they will find nothing suspicious. 

They also make sure not to ask for any sensitive information and promise that you can expect organic and strong growth when you use their features.


MicroJobs24 understands potentially better than anyone out there that the amount of followers you have on your TikTok page is ultimately going to decide your popularity and growth prospects. 


This is why they can help their clients buy TikTok followers, and they provide them with everything they need to help you get your share of the spotlight. 

They promise that the followers they deliver to their clients come from real people who are using TikTok just like you are. 

They ultimately want to boost their client’s presence and help you get the recognition that you have always desired.

Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek is another super popular place to make it easy for you to buy TikTok followers, that help its clients get to the peak of their performance. 

They are a team of industry professionals, and this is evident from the first visit that you will make to their website. 


Everything that they off of their clients is explained in detail, so you can get a really good understanding of what they are offering, and why you should go for it. 

They believe that they have effective features, a refill policy, and customer support that is available anytime of the day or night, and they promise that all of their TikTok followers are real and active.

Tweet n Follow

Tweet n Follow is going to give your profile the kind of exposure that it needs to do really well, and the kind of exposure that you’re probably missing. 

They have an extensive marketing network that you can take advantage of, which is going to make it easy for you to connect with a large number of your target market. 

These guys are a real team of people, who work really hard your behalf to make it super easy to grow your TikTok account organically. 


They believe that they have some of the best prices in the industry, making it easy for you to get a start even if you don’t have a big budget right now.

Buy Real

Buy Real is a highly recommended place to buy TikTok followers and help you with social media promotions in general. 

They have a long list of existing clients and they have been able to help hundreds of people so far with their growth, and each and every one of them have been left completely satisfied. 

These guys definitely need to be on your list if you expect to take your TikTok page to new heights, and don’t want anything to get in the way of it. 

The best part? They even have features that make it easy for you to get extra followers for free.


 Popularity Bazaar

Popularity Bazaar is a huge name in the industry of enabling clients to buy TikTok followers, but what’s interesting about these guys is that they are actually pretty new to the scene. 

They have still managed to cultivate a good reputation among their clients, which is definitely impressive considering how competitive the social marketing industry can be. 

They believe that they can assist you when you buy legitimate followers at really reasonable prices, so no matter what you’ve got to work with, you will end up getting more than you paid for.

Social Boost Up

Social Boost Up can give your TikTok account the spark that it is probably missing at this point. 

You can buy TikTok followers from these guys easily because they have years of experience, and they are passionate about making sure that every customer who comes through the door receives what they need to take their page to the next level. 


One of the best aspects to their features is that they are safe and easy to use, and they won’t ask for your password, which is always a good thing. 

Not only do they offer authentic followers, but they believe that their delivery is quick.

You Me Viral

You Me Viral is potentially one of the cheapest choices when it comes to be able to buy TikTok followers. 

They have been actively selling real and authentic followers to their clients for years, and as a result have an experienced team behind the scenes. 

They know what works when it comes to your social media, and they know what doesn’t. As a result, their features can help you grow in a number of organic ways and they’re only going to ever send you the best of the best. 


This is why you can rely on their premium followers, consistent deliveries, and being able to stay protected from any features that might drop off.

Internet Marketing Rocks

Internet Marketing Rocks is without a doubt one of our favorite sites when it comes to enabling our readers to buy TikTok followers and while they might look a bit similar to all of the other companies on this list, they definitely make a big difference to their client’s lives when it comes to their pricing and extra features. 

They comprise a group of marketing enthusiasts, who have been working in this industry for a long time. 

They come together every day to provide their clients with real and active followers for their TikTok pages. 

That’s why their accounts belong to real people, and they won’t even ask for your password to start your growth journey.



PlentyGram is one of the many sites on this list that we have talked about so far that can help you without requiring a password, so you don’t have to compromise your existing reputation. 

These guys are also a great choice if your desire is to buy TikTok followers but could also do with a bit of assistance with Instagram too. 

They have a long legacy in this industry, and definitely are a breath of fresh air if you are feeling jaded on the social marketing sector and need to find something that is really going to make your profile stand out.

Feed Pixel

Feed Pixel is quite honestly one of the most affordable sites that we have featured on this list, so they are able to enable you to buy TikTok followers that are not only active, real, but affordable as well. 

They have so many bundles that are related to TikTok, it’s actually going to be difficult for you to decide which one to go for. 


However, one thing that you need to know about them is that whatever bundle you choose, you can feel confident that it is going to make a real difference.

You might be able to grow your profile a little bit faster with other sites out there, but these guys are going to preserve your reputation.

Social Fried

Social Fried is the kind of site that can help you receive active, real followers for your TikTok account within just a few minutes, which is a great choice if you are someone who believes that time is money and doesn’t want to spend too long waiting around for that delivery. 

They are best known for helping their clients not only with the right kind of followers, but getting them quickly and affordably, so you also don’t have to go outside of your budget. 

They also care about the security of your profile as well, which in this industry is definitely a bonus.


Buy Social Buzz

Buy Social Buzz has been assisting its customers in buying TikTok followers for a long time now and have managed to work out how to keep their pricing nice and affordable, without compromising on the quality of their features. 

We love that they can provide their clients not only with TikTok followers, but with engagement elsewhere too, including Instagram and Facebook. 

They have a huge range of features for you to choose from and if you’re worried about paying for your features online, you don’t have to be because they make it easy to pay through PayPal.

Top Stick

Top Stick has been quietly doing their thing in the background for a long time now, so they certainly know the drill when it comes to helping their clients buy TikTok followers. 

They are best known for helping their clients with high-quality engagement, and they definitely have what you need to get the job done, without compromising on things like your existing reputation. 


We love the layout of their website, and we love that they have managed to work out how to keep their features affordable.

TikTok Viral

TikTok Viral is passionate about allowing its customers to not only buy TikTok followers but helping them go viral. 

This is why they have super ambitious goals in mind, so you’ve got to be a super ambitious customer to be able to relate to what they want to do for you. 

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As expected, they can help you with TikTok, but they can’t help you with anything else, which in this case we think is actually a really good thing. 

Their website is super user-friendly, and they offer a really good level of customer support.


Free TikTok

Free TikTok, as you might have been able to guess at this point, is the kind of company that can help you if you don’t have the biggest budget currently for your TikTok followers. 

You have been trying to think of all the ways that you can be successful on TikTok while saving your money, so if this is something that is important to you, we definitely suggest that you check out these guys. 

The reason why they are so easy to use is because all you need to do is download the app and play one round of the game that they have developed. As a result, you get free engagement.

 Share Fans

Share Fans is really serious not only about allowing its clients to buy TikTok followers, but about helping them have their brand online in general. 

As expected, like so many other off sites that we have reviewed so far on this list, these guys can help you beyond TikTok, so if you are someone who wants to be able to do it all under one roof, and keep the pricing affordable, then this is a good choice. 


They talk about how their rates start at just $14.00, which is ideal.

Media Mister

Media Mister has spent more than enough time in this industry to know what its clients need when it comes to enabling you to buy TikTok followers, and we’re confident enough in a company like this to be able to recommend them to you for a long time to come. 

This is because they themselves have spent plenty of time in this industry and have a really good grasp on what their clients might be looking for in terms of enabling you to buy TikTok followers. 

They even offer their clients a tiered pricing system, enabling you to choose exactly how much engagement you receive, and what you pay for it.


Alessin is a huge name in the world of social marketing, but the thing that stands out to us about this site is that they believe in less is more. 


They love the idea of not overdoing it when it comes to their features, so you might think that their website looks a little bit plain. 

However, this is because they have kept everything nice and simple, so it is not going to be overwhelming for you to successfully grow your TikTok account. 

They believe that they have been able to help more than 12 million clients so far, and their pricing starts from just $2.00.

TikTok Luv

TikTok Luv is the perfect combination of aesthetically appealing and practical in terms of TikTok followers. 

These guys can assist you when you buy TikTok followers in a way that is going to take your TikTok page to the next level, which is why we think that they’re definitely worth your time. 


They have a massive range of features to choose from, and it’s going to be really easy for you to place an order to their website, because they encrypt every aspect of it.

Utilizing a Growth Service, or Purchasing Your TikTok Followers?

There are two main kinds of approaches to growing your TikTok page, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. 

When you utilize a growth service, you are using something that is going to help you grow your profile simultaneously with other profiles out there, whether they are on TikTok, or on another channel completely. 

A growth service is good at enabling its clients to grow their profiles gradually, and making everything appear super authentic, while buying TikTok followers is more of a temporary solution. 

It is super important that you make sure that you are buying TikTok followers from a business that has an existing reputation, so that you can guarantee that it is able to grow your profile in an authentic manner.


At the end of the day, how you grow your TikTok page is completely up to you, and how quickly you are trying to establish a long-term reputation. 

If you are content on spending a bit of time on your profile, and watching it grow gradually, then you might want to opt for a growth service. 

However, if you believe that time is money, and you don’t really have all that much time to sit and wait for your profile to get bigger, then we suggest that you buy TikTok followers from a company who can provide them at a good rate, while maintaining the quality. 

There is no such thing as a right or wrong way, it all comes down to what is best for your TikTok page.

Affordable vs. Cheap

Another thing that you need to think about when looking at companies to consider when trying to grow a TikTok profile is whether their pricing is affordable or cheap. 


As expected, you are going to jump at the opportunity to purchase your TikTok followers for a good price, but the reality is that you actually won’t be able to do this, unless you want to compromise, and get low-quality engagement. 

There is no way that companies like this can maintain a profitable margin with high-quality features and low pricing. 

We really believe that in this industry, you get what you pay for, so you will need to make sure that the company you are considering using only associates with high-quality followers, and you need to also be prepared to pay a little bit more for this. 

As expected, this might be challenging at the start, especially when you don’t have a lot of money to work with, but you will soon find that it will pay off, and you will receive the right kind of TikTok followers looking at your images and videos.

What a Really Good Team Looks Like

So, what do we think a good team looks like? A good team looks like one that is prepared to break the ice and introduce themselves to you before you sign up for anything. 


When you visit a physical store, you expect to be greeted by a member of the staff when you walk in, right? 

The same can be applied for companies online when you are trying to buy TikTok followers. 

You want to feel like you are a welcome member of their team, and that they really care about what your goals are for your TikTok page. 

Companies that have a good level of accountability with their clients will have information on their website about their team, and what they do behind-the-scenes, because they value the client’s input, and want to be as upfront and transparent with them as possible.

What to Look for in a Website Selling TikTok Followers

So, what do you need to look for when considering the right company to use for TikTok followers? Let’s dive in.


Secure Site

There is almost nothing more important than encrypting your website with HTTPS, so that you can guarantee the safety of your clients. 

At the end of the day, if you visit a website, and it isn’t secured with HTTPS, you can expect there to be a real risk of any personal information that you share on the website being stolen. 

Most companies are able to pay for this security measure at this point, so if you come across a company that hasn’t put this kind of effort in, consider this to be a giant red flag.

Pricing Can Be Seen

Not only do you need to make sure that their pricing isn’t too cheap, but you’ve also got to make sure that you are able to see it before you commit to anything. 

The reality is that when you walk into a physical store, you want to be able to see how much you are going to pay for those shoes or those jeans, right? The same goes for an online service. 


If you can’t see how much you might end up paying for it, there’s no way to know whether it’s going to fit within your budget, and there’s also every chance that the company will hit you with hidden costs further down the track. 

Basically, the more information a company is prepared to share with its clients, the more willing they are to be accountable and honest about what they are providing.

Legitimate Reviews

Another easy way to tell if a company is legit or not with their features is to see what kind of reviews they have got on their website. 

Companies that have an existing reputation among their clients that is positive will have no trouble asking some of these clients to write them a positive review that they can feature on their website. 

If you have come across the company that doesn’t really have this, then you can consider this another big red flag. 


Another thing to look out for is fake reviews. A lot of the time, companies will pay people to write positive reviews about their services, or just make them up completely. 

If they have made them up completely, then they will be associated with a random name that doesn’t really make sense, and the review itself will be generic.

Safe Payment Methods

A company that truly cares about its clients will ensure that it has multiple ways for them to pay and will ensure that they have secured each and every one of these payment methods with encryption. 

If you can’t see any indication that they have got these security measures in place, then we definitely don’t recommend that you share any personal details like your credit card information. 

There is every chance that a third party could come along and steal your information, or they might even go as far as to sell your information to a third party themselves.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, we have worked hard to figure out what we believe are the best businesses in the social marketing sector right now to enable you to buy TikTok followers. 

It hasn’t been easy, but we definitely think sharing with you what we believe to be the greatest businesses you could be associated with right now can make all the difference. 

At the end of the day, you need to be associating yourself with companies that have a good reputation, are able to be transparent with their clients about how much their services cost, and aren’t afraid to share reviews on their website, even if some of them are average. 

The more accountability a business shows themselves to have with their clients, the more you can trust them, which is going to make it easy for you to avoid companies that you can’t trust. 

Just watch out for those red flags that we have mentioned above, and the best of luck for expanding your TikTok profile’s reach in the future.


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TikTok Expands Creator Tipping and Video Gifts, Providing More Monetization and Marketing Options




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TikTok continues to expand its creator monetization tools with the addition of video tipping and virtual gifts for regular uploads, in addition to live-streams in the app.

To be clear, live tipping and digital gifts have been available for selected live-stream creators via its Creator Next program since last year. This new expansion brings the same functionality to regular TikTok videos, which will add another way for users to generate direct income from their TikTok videos.

TikTok Creator Next

As you can see in these screenshots, shared by social media expert Matt Navarra (via Dan Schenker), to be eligible for the new Creator Next program, users will need to have at least 1,000 followers, and will need to have generated more than 1,000 video views in the previous 30 days.

Though TikTok does note that these requirements vary by region – TechCrunch has reported that creators need to have at least 100k followers to qualify in some cases.

As explained by TikTok:


The new Tips feature allows people to directly show gratitude to creators for their content, much like recognizing exceptional service or giving a standing ovation. As is standard for tipping in person, with Tips creators will receive 100% of the tip value.”

Tip payments will be processed by Stripe, with creators required to sign up to manage their earnings in the app.

“With Video Gifts, also available today, creators can now collect Diamonds not only by going LIVE but also by posting videos. This also gives people an all-new way to interact and engage with content they love.”

TikTok live gifts

That will provide expanded capacity to generate real money from posting, without having to go live, which will open new doors to many TikTok creators.

In addition to this, TikTok’s also lowering the threshold for those who can list their profiles in its Creator Marketplace brand collaboration platform, which enables businesses to find TikTok influencers to partner with on in-app campaigns.


TikTok Creator marketplace

Up till now, creators have required 100k followers to qualify for these listings, but now, TikTok is reducing that number to 10k, which will further expand available opportunities for both users and brands.

That could make it much easier to find relevant creators to partner with, in a lot more niches, which will add more considerations into your TikTok posting and engagement process.

As noted, these are the latest in TikTok’s broader efforts to provide comparable monetization opportunities, in order to keep its top stars posting to the platform, as opposed to drifting off to YouTube or Instagram instead, which have more established monetization systems.

The advantage that other apps have in this respect is that longer videos can include pre-roll and mid-roll ads, facilitating direct monetization, which TikTok can’t utilize given the shorter nature of its clips. As such, it needs to look to alternate funding methods, which will also include eCommerce listings, with direct product displays now the primary source of income for the Chinese version of the app.

The platform’s continued growth facilitates even more opportunities in this respect, with more brands looking to tap into the various opportunities of the platform, and partner with creators to maximize their presence.


How popular, and valuable, direct tipping and gifting can be is more variable, as some dedicated fan bases will pay, while others will see no reason to donate for what they can already access for free.

But even so, it adds more opportunity, and the lower thresholds for monetization will see many more opportunities across the board in the app.

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Shorter Videos Are In Demand. Here’s How Different Social Media Platforms Are Reacting.




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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

With TikTok and Instagram Reels slowly conquering social media marketing, there’s no mistake: Short videos are in demand.

The average length for most, if not all, business videos is only six minutes long. And that number is set to decrease as consumers look for shorter videos.

With that in mind, why are short videos in demand? What platforms are implementing short-form videos the best? And most importantly, how can they benefit your business?

TikTok – Changing consumerism, one video at a time

Where shorter videos are concerned, TikTok has always led the industry. What started as a merger with quickly became one of the world’s most powerful social media platforms. And what made it so famous? The same concept that made Vine viral short videos.


TikTok has over 1 billion active users, twice as many as Snapchat and Pinterest. For reference, Twitter only has 397 million users. With such a massive user-base, the only thing keeping the platform alive are the 15-second-long videos.

But why are short videos so popular? Simple – people don’t have time on their hands. When they open apps like TikTok and Instagram, they’re more likely to spend time watching shorter videos.  And businesses are already catching up.

The impact of Instagram Reels

With the invention of Stories by Snapchat, other platforms like Instagram caught up on short videos. Instagram Reels presents adults and young users with a more straightforward way to tell others about their day. It employs quick photos and videos that are only available for 24 hours instead of being permanently posted. Now engagement is encouraged, especially after Instagram included the “Swipe” option. This has allowed e-commerce sites to both advertise their products and make instant messaging easier.

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Youtube has joined the bandwagon

While YouTube is more or less a platform for long-form videos, its recent update offers shorter vertical videos. Known as YouTube Shorts, the feature allows creators to engage with their audience in under 60 seconds.

But YouTube has another trick up its sleeve, and this one is mainly towards advertisers. It is “YouTube TrueView” and is the primary advertising technology for YouTube. Through this, advertisers can promote long or short videos, with some being skippable after five seconds.


However, since most people are unlikely to click on longer ads, YouTube now offers 6-second non-skippable ads. The clickthrough rate for shorter 15 and 30-second ads is around 70%, a whopping number for any business.

It’s time to say goodbye to IGTV

With Instagram’s IGTV coming off as less captivating than its Reels and video posts, it has decided to remove IGTV. Instead, it has a separate section for videos. These videos will appear on a person’s profile and can be viewed from the Instagram app.

The change they made here is that videos posted to the Instagram feed can be up to 60 minutes long. The exact reason for doing this is not confirmed. But it seems like Instagram wants a seamless platform where short and long videos co-exist.

This makes long videos more accessible to users using the Instagram app. And it helps promote video tutorials that people typically do not consume on social media apps.

Another significant change is that Instagram videos that are longer can be monetized, a feature not available on Reels. This significantly shifts the focus towards creators who don’t sell a service and want to gain cash through Instagram.


Does this mean long-form videos are out of the picture?

With short-form videos becoming more popular among consumers, will long-form videos die out? While it’s highly recommended for any business to create videos as short as possible, the answer isn’t that black and white.

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While short-form videos will drive traffic from new users, long-form videos are better for brand loyalty. Shorter videos will get more engagement and show up on new users’ feeds. But longer videos will be the backbone of your business.

Of course, that depends on what service you’re offering. Ecommerce companies will want to direct their attention towards short-form videos and ads. However, long-form videos are better suited for when you want to go in-depth about product details. That is, of course, only after you’ve grabbed the user’s attention with a short-form video.

Companies that offer webinars will benefit from longer videos. And so will companies that post interviews. However, promos and how-to videos should remain under a minute or two, depending on how long the tutorial needs to be.

Essentially, ask yourself two questions:

  • First, can the video content be summarized in a short-form video?
  • Do you want to merely catch the attention of the consumer or develop brand loyalty?

The correct formula is neither short nor long, but a mix of both.

What this all means for an entrepreneur

Short-form videos hold substantial market value, especially for new businesses. Take the example of the Dollar Shave Club. What started as a viral video on YouTube grew to become a behemoth of a brand.

And that’s not where the examples end. There are countless success stories like this one that prove the value of short videos.

Short videos have a higher clickthrough rate, and for entrepreneurs, that’s all you need. Short videos are of particular interest to people with ecommerce businesses. For example, 84% of people say they are more compelled to buy a product by watching a video. And the statistics keep on showing a friendlier short-video market.

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There is no doubt that short-form videos are gradually creeping up the graph. And while long-form videos are great for information and brand loyalty, shorter videos are better for PR.

This begs one last question: Are videos beneficial for you? The answer is – yes!

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How to Make a TikTok Video: Beginners Start Here




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Let’s face it, TikTok is the moment.

And with 1 billion monthly active users, it’s time to join the action and get your brand out there to a wider audience!

Want to learn how to make a TikTok Video but don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it! We broke down all the steps and tools you’ll need to make a viral-worthy first video and make sure your debut is anything but cringe.

Download the full Social Trends report to get an in-depth analysis of the data you need to prioritize and plan your social strategy in 2022.

How to create a TikTok account

First things first, you’ll need to create a TikTok account.


There are different ways to sign up for one: you can use your phone number, email address or social media account. Here’s how to do it using your phone number.

1. Download TikTok from Google Play or the App Store.

2. Open the TikTok App on your iPhone or Android.

3. Click the “Me” or “Profile” icon at the bottom-right of your screen.

profile icon on TikTok

4. Choose a method to sign up (we’re choosing “use phone or email”)


sign up for TikTok using phone or email

5. Enter your birth date and phone number (make sure this is accurate because it’s how you’ll retrieve passwords and confirm your account).

enter birthday when signing up on TikTok

6. Enter the 6-digit code sent to that phone number (see, told ya!)

7. You did it! Celebrate by scrolling TikTok for too many hours.

How to make a TikTok video

Here’s how to get started on your very first TikTok video. Luckily for you, it’s way easier than learning this TikTok Shuffle dance.

1. Hit the + sign at the bottom of your screen.


2. You can upload photos and videos from your phone’s library or make a video directly using the TikTok camera.

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3. If recording directly, hit the Record button at the bottom of the screen. Hit it again when you’re done recording. The default video mode is “Quick” which is for 15 second videos but you can switch it to “Camera” for more editing options and longer videos (15s, 60s and 3 mins), or “Templates” to create a specific style of video.

record button on the bottom of TikTok screen

4. Tap the check mark when you’re done shooting all your footage.

tap checkmark after shooting footage

5. Make any edits or changes on the post page. All your edits are on the right sidebar of the screen. Also, add music or sounds by hitting “Add sound” at the top of the screen.

add sound on TikTok

6. Post that video and share it everywhere! Make sure to include a description with some hashtags so it finds its way to your audience.


post video on TikTok with description

How to make a TikTok with multiple videos

Instead of taking one long video, why not capture shorter videos and edit them together to make your TikTok video? Here’s how to do that (and you don’t need a film degree).

1. Hit that “+” sign to start your video

2. You can either shoot multiple videos directly by hitting that record button after each clip, building up your video with different shots. Or, you can hit the “Upload” button next to the record button and add multiple videos and photos you have stored on your phone.

3. Select all your media and tap Next.

4. You can now sync sound across your videos and make adjustments (or try “Auto sync” which will do the syncing up for you.)


sync sound on TikTok

automatically sync clips

5. Hit Next when done. You’ll be brought to a preview screen where you can further add sounds, more effects, text, and stickers.

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hit next and add suggested sounds

6. Tap Next when you’re done editing your video and proceed to the Post screen.

7. Remember to throw in a description and some hashtags and bingo-bango-bongo you’re the Steven Spielberg of TikTok!

5 things to know before creating your first TikTok

TikTok style is less polished than other types of video

Don’t worry about being too precious with your videos. On TikTok, videos are meant to be candid, and natural—and they should show off your personality. Things like perfect edits, smooth transitions or flawless lighting shouldn’t get in the way of your idea and your own charisma.

Sure, there are lots of editing options, effects and filters to choose from (what the heck is the difference between B3 and G4 filters anyways?) but the real star is you —or, at least all 6 of these friends belting out Lady Gaga for the #caughtinabadromance challenge at this bachelorette. If that’s not candid, I don’t know what is.


That finger stole the show! 😂😂😂 #bachelorettetrip #gatlinburg #caughtinabadromamce

♬ original sound – Arielle Hartford

You don’t have to dance

Good news! You don’t have to spend 2 hours trying to perfect the LaLisa dance tutorial to make sure your video stands out (unless you want to, then no judgment over here!).

There are so many different ways to engage your followers that don’t involve you popping and locking in your living room in front of a ring light (but again, no judgement if you do, except maybe from your pet and their adorable judging eyes).

You also don’t have to attempt whatever this is.


♬ Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat – 504 Boyz & Weebie

Hashtags can help more people see your post

It’s no secret a good hashtag can go a long way on TikTok. Strategic use of hashtags will help people find your videos who don’t already follow you, and maybe even see it on their For You Page (FYP).

Find the best hashtags to grow your views and help get your content recognized by the algorithm. You worked so hard on it, might as well show it off to as many people as possible.

The right song can go a long way

Attaching a trending song to your video or audio from a popular TikTok video can help it get seen by more people. This app has a big music following (lots of new songs are intentionally promoted through the app to help them climb the music charts) so lassoing your video to one of these shooting stars is only going to help you get on more FYP and in front of new audiences.


♬ original sound – Suzy Jones


Your greatest asset is you

Don’t overthink it, just come up with a simple idea and let your personality shine through. The sense of intimacy and community that TikTok brings is why people love this app—it feels personal.

Even if you’re doing a TikTok challenge or trend that’s popular, the thing that will make you stand out is your unique take on it. It’s not about gimmicks but about putting your best self out there. Nothing should feel too staged or self-aware (that’s cringe territory). Pretend your audience are your good friends and approach it with that energy!

@janikon_No, I can’t re-record this, I’m laughing too hard #fyp♬ original sound – Stu (he/him)

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