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The Next Fleets? Are Twitter’s New ‘Communities’ Doomed To Fail – Screen Rant



The Next Fleets? Are <b>Twitter's</b> New 'Communities' Doomed To Fail - Screen Rant thumbnail

Twitter’s latest attempt to boost engagement are communities, but they could make things weirdly complicated and ultimately end up like Fleets did.

Twitter‘s latest experiment is Communities, a project that aims to achieve what Groups have for Facebook and how subreddits operate on the self-proclaimed front page of the internet. However, this is not the company’s first attempt at a feature that replicates a community-driven experience. Back in 2016, Twitter’s team in India was working on a project that aimed to rope in influencers and allow them to create groups of interest within a standalone messaging app. Twitter pulled the plug on this idea before it saw the light of the day. That wasn’t the only attempt by the company that started with the core idea of ‘short status updates and random musings in 140 characters’ either. Fleets — Twitter’s own take on Snapchat and Instagram’s ephemeral stories — rode into the sunset a few weeks ago.

Inspired by the boom in social media-driven commerce, Twitter is currently testing a shop module. However, back in 2017, Twitter removed the “Buy” buttons from its platform, its very first ambitious take on social media shopping. Twitter’s quarterly calls have often highlighted lack of content as one of the reasons it is missing out on engagement yet it snuffed two potential recipes for success — Moments and Vine — in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Failed experiments are not necessarily bad, as they are a sign that a company is willing to adapt and evolve.

In the case of Communities, it’s not just about trying a misfit feature and quickly shutting it down if it fails. Communities actually go against the very nature of Twitter and how it is perceived by users. The rules are simple — users can join a community, and anything they say will remain in the community. In other words, posts won’t be broadcast to all their followers and users can gossip about a topic they’re passionate about. Of course, the chatter going on in a community will still be open for everyone to see and enjoy, or get offended and report. A community-driven approach to moderation is going to be the key here, but the formula hasn’t really yielded effective results on Reddit or Facebook Groups.

Twitter Communities Follows A Flawed Trajectory

Twitter Communities Are Doomed To Fail Like Fleets

Twitter is no stranger to the problem, and with Communities, it might be biting more than it can chew. Tools like Birdwatch can help curb misinformation, but they won’t be particularly effective in a community brimming with bad content that easily evades Twitter’s AI-driven moderation system. Adding live audio chatrooms with Spaces only worsens the problem. That’s just the beginning. While what one says in a community will stay in the community, that sounds very similar to the exclusive tweets that only Super Followers can see. Essentially, there are now four types of tweets — public, community, paid, and archived. Needless to say, keeping a tab on them is going to be a task for everyone involved.

imagine an alternate timeline where everyone just gets you

say hi to Communities—the place to connect with people who Tweet like you. testing now on iOS and web, Android soon!

— Twitter Communities (@JoinCommunities) September 8, 2021

Twitter is best when it is being itself, and deviating too much from its core appeal will likely result in more struggles than successes. For a platform where a blue tick and high engagement are signs of clout, it makes little sense for an influential person to flex in a community, as their content won’t appear to their followers in the first place. The only option is to Tweet something publicly and then copy-paste it in a community chat as well. Alternatively, if users with some sway by ignoring a community and going solo on the road to Twitter fame, they risk alienating themselves from a community of like-minded people where they are more likely to find popularity.

There’s also the issue of moderation. Moderators will set rules to keep things civil, but there are two interlinked challenges to creating a community in the first place. Right now, Twitter is the sole authority that decides whether an application to start a community is accepted or rejected and this is no easy task. If Twitter stands by its motto of promoting free speech, it won’t be long before the Communities become a hotbed of toxic debate from all sides of an ideology. The same fate awaits if the company allows everyone to create a community, even if it sets certain ‘notability’ criteria for a person before creating one. If Twitter remains the supreme authority when it comes to accepting or rejecting communities, it will be accused of taking sides or stifling free speech.

Then there’s the average Twitter user. For those who still see Twitter as a platform where they can say what’s on their mind in under 240 characters, Communities will be of little to no allure. Another sizeable chunk belongs to users who just follow a few accounts to keep up with what’s happening. Jumping into the rabbit hole of a Communities chat will be of little interest to them as well. For those who really want that experience, Reddit and Facebook Groups already exist and are likely better options with a larger number of users. Not to mention, they don’t impose a 240-character limit either. A Twitter group about NFT ninjas, stock bros, or meme-makers will drive engagement, but it will ultimately be limited to enthusiasts. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Fleets walked the same path and perished.

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Kapil Sharma reminds Kangana Ranaut how she called Twitter users ‘velle’ in 2017, this …



Kapil Sharma reminds Kangana Ranaut how she called <b>Twitter</b> users 'velle' in 2017, this ... thumbnail

Actor Kangana Ranaut appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show‘s Saturday episode to promote her latest movie, Thalaivii. There, host Kapil Sharma reminded Kangana of one of her previous appearances on the show, when she did not speak highly of those who ‘waste time’ on social media.

In 2017, when Kangana arrived on the show with actor Shahid Kapoor to promote their movie Rangoon, she had said that only ‘velle (idle)’ people use social media. “Mujhe aisa lagta hai jaise social media pe saare velle log hote hain jinko kuch kaam nahi hota karne ko,” she had said. “You don’t get time to speak with the people you know. What will you say to those you don’t even know. Busy people go to work, are caught up in the difficulties that their lives throw at them,” she added. “Ye saare velle log Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pe rehte hai aur khud pe inhone kitne case bhi karwa liye hain (All these jobless people stay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and even got themselves caught up in legal cases),” she had said, pointing towards Kapil.

Kangana could not help but laugh at her words and the irony of it all. She joined Twitter last year and was permanently banned from the site for her controversial tweets. Speaking about it, she said that her opinion about Twitter was right in 2017. She said that it was because of coronavirus lockdown that she joined Twitter and was thrown out as soon as the lockdown lifted. 

Also read: Kangana Ranaut reacts as Kapil Sharma asks her: ‘It’s been a while, koi controversy nahi hui’. Watch

“Yeh baat hai toh sach hi. Jab corona nahi tha, acchi khaasi busy thi main. Jab corona hua, aisi velli hui main (This is true though. When there was no corona, I was quite busy. When corona arrived, I became so idle),” she said. Kangana added she couldn’t survive even six months on the app and was banned and in that time, almost 200 cases were filed against her daily.

After getting banned from Twitter, Kangana joined the Koo app and is now active on Instagram too.

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Bret Bielema taking heat on Twitter as Illinois gets trounced by Virginia – Saturday Down South



Bret Bielema taking heat on <b>Twitter</b> as Illinois gets trounced by Virginia - Saturday Down South thumbnail


Adam Spencer | 1 hour ago

Bret Bielema won his debut as Illinois’ head coach, taking down Nebraska in a great game.

Since then, however, the Illini lost to UTSA last weekend and are getting destroyed by Virginia in Charlottesville this week.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers were leading 42-14, and fans were none too happy with their new coach on Twitter.

Below, you can see some of the reaction to Bielema and the Illini’s struggles against Virginia:

Bret Bielema is not a good coach. Never has been. He held the steering wheel of Barry Alvarez’s program. Showed his true colors in Arkansas.

— Future Ted Lasso (@JUhlTrucker) September 11, 2021

Letting UVAs QB put up 5 touchdowns is pure Bielema Ball. @BarstoolBigCat

— macaveli (@MichealUpsides) September 11, 2021

Oh, Bret Bielema, not like this.

— WALKER HAYES FOREVER (@LonelyTalegater) September 11, 2021

We are a bad team right now. No sugarcoating it. But Bret Bielema and the coaching staff is here to fix things over the next couple of years.

With that being said, how bad is Nebraska?? Lol #Illini

— Writing Illini (@WritingIlliniFS) September 11, 2021

This game has to be an eye-opener for #Illini coach Bret Bielema and his staff. (Wonder if they knew what they were getting themselves into).

— Doug Bucshon (@IllinoisRivals) September 11, 2021

Virginia has better athletes at every position. 3-4 year rebuild for #Illini coach Bret Bielema.

— Doug Bucshon (@IllinoisRivals) September 11, 2021

Bro straight comedy how Illinois beat Nebraska week 0 and they had Bielema in tears and now they go lose back to back😂😂😂 to UTSA and Virginia too LMAOO

— brody (@TheBrodyyy) September 11, 2021

Obviously, this is a rebuilding project that Bielema and his staff have taken on at Illinois. But, losing to UTSA and getting crushed by Virginia after beating Nebraska has some fans frustrated.

We’ll see if the Illini can regroup moving forward.


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Adam Spencer

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Twitter Celebrates Ex-WWE Star Al Snow After He Saves Child From Riptide – Newsweek



<b>Twitter</b> Celebrates Ex-WWE Star Al Snow After He Saves Child From Riptide - Newsweek thumbnail

Ex-WWE superstar Al Snow is being hailed as a superhero on Twitter after saving the life of a boy after he was almost swept away in a rip current in the Gulf of Mexico.

Once Twitter users found out about Snow’s heroic efforts, many users expressed their appreciation for the former wrestler on their respective pages.

Ring of Honor wrestling superstar Angelina Love said, “God bless you @TheRealAlSnow and God bless that boy! What an amazing story.”

Hot 97 Host and Wrestling Analyst Peter Rosenberg said, “Just watched the first season of tough enough and my number 1 thought was — man Al Snow is awesome…then you see this .. a GRRRRRRRREAT GUY.”

just watched the first season of tough enough and my number 1 thought was — man Al Snow is awesome…then you see this .. a GRRRRRRRREAT GUY confirmed

— Peter Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) September 10, 2021

Finally, Twitter user @Bendijim said, “I’m sure you are too humble to be comfortable with the praise coming your way but you did save someone’s life and that should be recognized as the big deal it is! I’m sure the family will think so. Well done.”

I’m sure you are too humble to be comfortable with the praise coming your way but you did save someone’s life and that should be recognised as the big deal it is!

I’m sure the family will think so

Well done 👍

— Benny Boy (@Bendijim) September 10, 2021

Snow also thanked a number of fans and supporters on Twitter regarding the incident.

On Friday, Snow, whose real name is Allen Ray Sarven, jumped into action after the boy fell into the water. Snow told TMZ that he was able to save the boy before he drowned at Santa Rosa Beach in South Walton, Florida.

A responding lifeguard was able to get Snow and the little boy back to shore, using a flotation device, according to South Walton Fire Officials. The lifeguard also comforted the boy’s mom who was visibly distraught after the incident.

Florida Beach
Ex-WWE superstar Al Snow is being hailed as a superhero on Twitter after saving the life of a boy on September 10. 2021, after he was swept away in a rip current in the Gulf of Mexico. Above is a picture of West Palm Beach, Florida.
Getty Images

Rip currents are difficult to maneuver in and Snow said that saving the boy from the rip current wore him out.

“I was able to stay up,” said Snow, “and hand him off to the lifeguard and I made my way back across to my friend and we went up on the beach and I felt like I was about to collapse. I was exhausted.”

If you’re stuck in a rip current, don’t panic and don’t swim directly back to shore. As opposed to trying to tackle the force of thousands of gallons of rapid-moving water, swim parallel to the shore until you’re out of the rip current, then swim diagonally back to the beach, according to Visit Florida.

Snow made his wrestling debut in 1982 in Ohio. Snow wrestled for a number of other wrestling companies for over a decade before entering the WWF. He wrestled for both the WWF and WWE before being released in 2007. He currently handles day-to-day operations for Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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