Should Singapore’s Paralympians get the same rewards as our Olympians?

They should all be awarded the same amount. Paralympic athletes have to train much harder due to their physical capabilities, and they have been through so many difficulties in life, yet decided to bring glory to the nation. We should recognise their effort and dedication, and award them fairly.

Sharon Shanti

The rationale for the disparity in the rewards systems for the Olympics and Paralympics is obvious: There is a much smaller pool of Paralympians compared with Olympians.

For example, in each of Yip Pin Xiu’s backstroke events, there were only two heats with a total of nine swimmers. Only the slowest swimmer did not qualify for the final.

In Joseph Schooling’s 100m butterfly event, there were eight heats with a total of 55 swimmers fighting for 16 places in the semifinals, out of which only the fastest eight would make the cut for the final.

Max Wong

It is not discrimination, or inequality; but simply because of the difference in rigour of competition, the number of athletes, the number of medals (Paralympics has more medals available and yet a smaller pool of athletes). This distinction by the Government is rightfully justified.

Henry Junior