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ZM’s Vaughan Smith posts a video of his house flooded to social media. Video / @vaughanonymous via Instagram

Kiwi celebs have shared their experiences of the flooding this morning as West Auckland was hit by a storm overnight.

ZM host Vaughan Smith took to Instagram early this morning and shared images of his flooded shed. The wild weather prevented him from being in the studio this morning for the ZM Breakfast show.

“Pretty sure water pumps are supposed to pump water. Not to be under it,” he captioned a video. He shared scary images of water flowing under the wall of the structure.

ZM host Vaughan Smith shared footage of how floods had affected his home. Photo / Vaughan Smith via Instagram
ZM host Vaughan Smith shared footage of how floods had affected his home. Photo / Vaughan Smith via Instagram

Water was also flowing heavily around the exterior of his property.

Later in the morning, he reassured his followers his animals – including his chickens, pigs, goats, plus his cattle Humphrey and Hermione were doing just fine despite the heavy rain.

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And Coast radio host Jason Reeves was caught up in the floodwaters during his commute to the studio.

“Not my usual drive to work this morning!”

“4am. Roads blocked. Fire crews, Police and security guards out in the atrocious weather offering detour advice and one of them walked thru this torrent to show me where to drive so I could make it through before closing the road behind me,” Reeves shared and praised emergency services working to help residents affected by the floods.

“These people have left their warm, dry houses (and in many cases their families) to help others. They’re heroes. Thank you!”

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“Vaughan didn’t even make it in,” Smith’s co-host Megan Papas commented on Reeves’ post.

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On Twitter, musician Tami Neilson shared her family’s heroic story.

Replying to museum director and musician Lizzie Marvelly, Neilson wrote:

“My husband (who is an essential worker with the police) just spent the last hour pulling a woman (healthcare worker) out of her car, which was submerged and sinking with water up to her windows,” Neilson wrote.

50 homes were evacuated from the area after a massive storm hit Auckland overnight.

The region was battered overnight by heavy rain, with Kumeū copping 201mm in 14 hours – the area’s second wettest day since records began in 1943.

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Police warn there are significant road slippages and water hazards across the Waitākere Ranges, Kumeū and Huapai areas.

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