“There’s a town Facebook group for almost every city and town across the country, and all of them are like this.”

After a video went viral on TikTok, Mashpee resident Anthony Varela created a Facebook page where residents can share the best of the worst posts from their neighborhood social media pages. Anthony Varela/TikTok

Who among us hasn’t experienced the ups and downs of a town Facebook page? Posts asking if someone has ‘seen this bug,’ calling out a loud neighbor, or proudly stating the best pizza in town can quickly devolve into comment wars.

Mashpee native and TikToker Anthony Varela knows it as well as anyone and, after a comedic video breaking down a post in “All Things Plymouth” went viral, he’s connected with thousands of people who enjoy the hilarity and drama of local Facebook groups.

The video amassed over three million views, and he received hundreds of messages from people with favorite posts in their town groups. So, he figured, why not create a Facebook group where people can share those posts?

The group was dubbed “The Town Facebook Group Ridiculousness,” meant to be a “collection of the ridiculous stuff you see in various town Facebook Pages.” He created the group on Aug. 6, and less than a week later it has over 7,000 members.

“There’s a town Facebook group for almost every city and town across the country, and all of them are like this,” Varela, 31, told The Boston Globe. “And anyone with a sense of humor enjoys that aspect of it.”

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Though all this has come from a recent viral video, Varela has been posting on Tik Tok for a while. It’s not his full-time job, though: Varela works as a community outreach coordinator for a substance abuse center, the Globe reported. One of his first heavily watched videos was a response to “tell me you’re from Massachusetts, without telling me you’re from Massachusetts,” but anyone listening could immediately tell: Varela has a killer Boston accent.

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Before highlighting funny posts in town Facebook groups, he was reading through wild things he found on Craigslist’s “missed connections.” After his recent videos took off, though, he joined more local Facebook groups to find entertaining posts.

“The bickering and stuff on Facebook is insane. And I thought it’d be good to poke fun at it and make light of it,” Varela said. “People are really enjoying it and liking it.”

He plans to highlight the best posts shared in his new Facebook group on TikTok. 

“There are so many ridiculous ones,” Varela said. “It’s funny how Mashpee or Somerville, or towns in Massachusetts — you think they’re so different from a rural place in Arkansas. But really, at the end of the day, there’s ridiculous stuff happening everywhere.”

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