Motorcycle stolen after post on Facebook marketplace
Motorcycle stolen after post on Facebook marketplace

SUGAR LAND – When Sunny Easen decided to part ways with his Suzuki motorcycle, he never imagined that putting it for sale on Facebook Marketplace would leave him feeling violated.

“You can’t trust anybody these days,” he said.

Easen said the person who contacted him to buy his motorcycle for $8,500, claimed to be a colonel in the U.S. military.

Easen said he exchanged phone numbers with the man before meeting up with him in a public place in Sugar Land.

“The guy was ex-military. He had a military uniform on. He had a nice profile. I was thinking like, ‘Okay, this guy belongs to a biker club and was part of the U.S. military and served the United States. Why not trust that kind of guy to test the bike around the corner?’” Easen said.

Easen said two men showed up at the meetup location in a Chevy Avalanche truck at the time of the exchange.

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Moments later, Easen said one of the men ended up stealing his motorcycle while taking it for a test drive.


When Easen posted about the theft of Facebook, he said someone responded saying the same person seriously hurt them while stealing their bike.

“No matter what they look like, no matter what their profile says, you don’t trust nobody,” Easen said.

The thieves also got away with Easen’s $2,500 helmet. Easen filed a report with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

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