Should parcel delivery men be required to verify the customer’s identity before leaving?

If deliveries are to be performed this way, the cost will increase due to fewer deliveries that can be made. People will start to complain. It is a never-ending issue.

Ethan Lee

Online shopping with delivery comes with some risks, for example, non-delivery, delivery to the wrong address, and so on.

If you can’t take such risks, then online shopping with delivery is not for you. Besides, households may not have anyone at home for verification.

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Lydia Ho

I believe these delivery men may not have the luxury of time to do so.

I have witnessed some of their delivery vans/vehicles being filled with parcels (to the extent that the parcels have reached the roof of the vehicle).

Mandy Ng

Delivery should be contactless.

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Make it easier for the delivery guys who are doing an amazing job and reducing stress for customers.

Usually, the delivery man will call or SMS to inform that the parcel has arrived.

Jenny Chai