A Forum writer suggests giving incentives to the public to keep morale high in the fight against Covid-19. Is this a good idea?

Why should there be incentives? Your personal health, the health of your loved ones and the health of your country are not enough of an incentive?

This mindset – that we must be rewarded for simply doing our civic and social responsibility – must be reined in.

SK Tan

I appreciate the thought, but I don’t think that I need incentives to protect myself. It’s my responsibility to do so.

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Instead, I would rather see selfishness and defiance of rules be called out and punished.

Rose May

What more can be done to raise awareness about fire safety in residential areas?

Every household should have one or two fire extinguishers in case of emergency. I remember residents’ committees used to organise firefighting demonstrations together with fire extinguisher vendors. Maybe town councils should actively promote this activity in estates.

Edwin Yong

Maybe we could install fire and smoke alarm detectors on common corridor ceilings.

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Darren Goh