Do you think the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the best tool to objectively assess pupils’ academic abilities? Why or why not?

Exams are stressful, but if there is no exam, children probably would not take learning seriously.

It is also the only way to test where one stands among people of the same age.

Freya Freya

No, some pupils are late bloomers.

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The PSLE should not be used to gauge a person’s academic abilities. He is still too young for that to be determined.

Hazuki Rensuke

Every academic milestone has its expiry date. What one excels in earlier may not remain the same afterwards.

Perseverance in an individual is critical in later success, and lifelong learning is crucial to adapt to a dynamic society.

Roger Chuah Yon Jin

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Academic ability, yes, overall ability, no.

Does this happen only in Singapore?

I have never seen news stories from the rest of the world on parents fretting about the education of 12-year-olds and treating their grades like a life-and-death matter.

Kathleen Yow

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