Facebook removed nine networks from six countries in April for coordinated inauthentic behaviour



Facebook has removed multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts and groups from nine networks in six counties in April for coordinated inauthentic behaviour.

“Our teams continue to focus on finding and removing deceptive campaigns around the world — whether they are foreign or domestic. In April, we removed nine networks from six countries,” Facebook said in an official blog post.

“The vast majority of them targeted people in their own countries. We have shared information about our findings with industry partners, researchers, law enforcement and policymakers,” it said.

In total, it removed 1,565 Facebook accounts, 141 Instagram accounts, 724 Pages and 63 Groups that were part of these networks.

These networks were from countries such as Palestine, Azerbaijan, Central African Republic (CAR), Mexico, Peru and Ukraine.

It removed 447 Facebook accounts, 256 Pages, 17 Groups and 54 Instagram accounts from Palestine “that targeted primarily Palestine, and to a lesser extent Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Qatar.”

In addition, WhatsApp removed multiple accounts that were part of this activity.

From Azerbaijan, it removed 124 Facebook accounts, 15 Pages, six Groups and 30 Instagram accounts. These were primarily targeting Azerbaijan and to a much lesser extent Armenia. 46 Facebook accounts, 32 Pages and six Instagram accounts were removed from CAR that targeted domestic audiences in that country.

It found two separate networks from Mexico. It removed 162 Facebook accounts, 11 Pages and seven Instagram accounts from Mexico that targeted the state of San Luis Potosi in that country. Another network included 44 Facebook accounts, 11 Pages and one Instagram account targeting the state of Yucatán in Mexico.

It also removed two networks from Peru. The first network included 80 Facebook accounts and six accounts on Instagram that targeted domestic audiences in that country. It also removed 80 Facebook accounts, 12 Pages, five Groups and three Instagram accounts from another network targeting the Ancash region in that country. It removed 105 Facebook accounts, 24 Pages and five Instagram accounts that originated in and targeted Ukraine and another 477 Facebook accounts, 363 Pages, 35 Groups and 29 Instagram accounts that also originated and targeted Ukraine.

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