Meet the Coach Bag That’s Taking Over TikTok



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TikTok has found another gem.

Looking to archival silhouettes, Coach’s Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag has catapulted to social media stardom due to its plush texture and delightful color ways. Fabricated in an ultra-soft leather that feels like a much-needed hug, the accessory comes in a variety of iterations perfect for the Spring/Summer season — inviting shades of pink, green, and beige.

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The adorable Tabby is a recent update to the brand that has been re-establishing itself in the leather goods sphere. Released in two sizes — the mini 18 and slightly bigger 26 — the Pillow Tabby features two easily-accessible compartments and boasts an aesthetic similar to the brand’s signature shoulder bags.



In terms of deciphering fashion’s latest must-haves, TikTok’s power is unmatched. Spurring fashion trends, creating new quarantine activities, and catapulting dozens to fame, the app has become a mecca for everything pop-culture and style.

Part of the app’s appeal is its intricately tailored “FYP” (For You Page,) that suggests content based on what you are most likely to engage with. And for Coach enthusiasts, that content has been Tabby styling tips, unboxings, and reviews — creating a social media bubble similar to Bottega Veneta’s Padded Cassette and Gucci’s Jackie Bag.

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Since Creative Director Stuart Vevers took the reins at the New York brand in 2013, the designer has reimagined the house through the lens of refined Americana. Flashy yet long-lasting ready-to-wear and streamlined accessories have become a cornerstone of the utilitarian brand. Coach has also been a master at responding to the consumer market, enlisting the help of micro-influencers as well as big shots like Paris Hilton, Kim Petras, and Jennifer Lopez — a move which has undoubtedly appealed to Gen Z consumers.

Coach Fall/Winter 2020

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Coach has found the perfect balance between appealing to an ever-changing internet savvy market while also maintaining an undeniable sense of craftsmanship. The Tabby’s rise on TikTok is especially impressive. Amongst a Gen Z crowd that is more drawn to fast-fashion hauls rather than leather goods reviews, it is exceedingly rare for a shoulder bag to gain notoriety. But that is the beauty of TikTok, it is nearly impossible to tell why something becomes popular.

      It still remains to be seen whether Coach’s Tabby Bags are a fleeting trend or a subtle hint into a Gen Z backed boom. But with dozens of Tabby Toks sprawling all over For You Pages, it seems the answer to that question is the latter.

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