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TikTok Announces New Partnership with LiveRamp to Help Advertisers Better Target their …



<b>TikTok</b> Announces New Partnership with LiveRamp to Help Advertisers Better Target their ... thumbnail

TikTok has announced a new partnership with LiveRamp, which will provide more ways for TikTok advertisers to plug audience data into TikTok’s tools, and better target their efforts.

LiveRamp provides data solutions for brands, enabling businesses to utilize valuable audience insights in a privacy-safe way, across various platforms. Now, TikTok will be added to the list of platforms connected into the LiveRamp network.

As explained by TikTok

“TikTok’s advertisers with existing relationships with LiveRamp can create personal, relevant and consistent brand moments to deliver value and transform their customer experiences. Through this partnership, advertisers can confidently connect data while keeping their audiences at the center of their media investment on TikTok, both from a privacy and a marketing perspective.”

It’s TikTok’s latest media partnership, with the platform also announcing a new agreement with IPG Mediabrands earlier this week. As the platform continues to grow its user base, and interest in its ad options continues to rise, partnerships like this will open up TikTok ads to even more organizations, which will ultimately help TikTok increase its bottom-line, and secure its position.

Right now, TikTok’s biggest risk remains losing its top creators to other platforms, which can offer more lucrative revenue share deals, especially for those with large followings. Facebook has already sought to poach TikTok stars for its own Instagram Reels product – and for TikTok to secure its place, it needs to build its business model, while also providing new flow-through tools to ensure creators can get paid.

It’s making significant advances on this front, in various ways, while its efforts to incorporate eCommerce are another step in maximizing its opportunities.

That’s why deals like this are so critical, and it’s smart for TikTok to secure such partnerships with a view to longer term stability.




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Homeless student becomes TikTok star with 10 million followers earning £3000 a month




Homeless student becomes <b>TikTok</b> star with 10 million followers earning £3000 a month thumbnail
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A drama student who is officially homeless has become one of Britain’s top TikTok stars with more than 10 million followers.

Ehiz Ufuah, 22, lives with his family in emergency accommodation after they fell on hard times and lost their council home 15 months ago.

Now his big ambition is to buy a house for his single mum, three sisters and two brothers after making a surprise breakthrough online – with a funny clip about doing the dishes.

Ehiz was stunned when it went viral – and now earns about £3,000 a month through the video-sharing platform. And he hopes his success might even help him achieve his ambition of being a Hollywood actor.

But all this looked like a pipe dream as the Greenwich University student and his family lost their council home in Romford, East London, and were temporarily moved into a Travelodge in January 2020.

Ehiz Ufuanh, TikTok infuencer

Ehiz was stunned when his video went viral on TikTok

Ehiz says he joined TikTok in February 2020 “to see what the hype was about”.

He posted a comic video of him pacing back and forth wondering whether to do the washing-up for his mum or leave it for his siblings – before racing to the sink as he hears her coming.

Ehiz was gobsmacked when it hit 750,000 views, saying: “I’d only had about three followers until then.

Ehiz Ufuah, 22, who is officially homeless

Ehiz has vowed to buy his mum and three sisters and two brothers a house to live in

“My family and friends were texting me, telling me I was famous. I couldn’t believe all the attention that video got me.”

Since then he has never looked back with his TikTok account’s popularity rocketing.

“I was in Primark last December and I had to be escorted out as too many people were crowding around me to get a picture,” says Ehiz. His growing profile was spotted by TikTok influencer agency Yoke Network.

In March he was invited to make a Big Brother-style show for YouTube with four other TikTok stars in a Surrey mansion.

Ehiz said: “It was an incredible experience, having a pool and movie theatre to enjoy. And while I didn’t make money from the show, it really raised my profile. I get recognised all the time in the street.”

Megan McKenna from The Only Way is Essex

Megan McKenna has reached out to the star

His videos have even been reposted on Instagram by some of the cast of Love Island. “Megan McKenna from The Only Way Is Essex has reached out to me,” he says. “But the person I was most starstruck by was supermodel Adut Akech.”

Now the drama student has his own dreams of stardom. He says: “I’ve always thought it would impossible to be a Hollywood actor but in recent years a lot of actors not from privileged backgrounds have made it.”

For now he’s content making £3,000 a month from the TikTok creator fund that helps users earn from videos and sponsorships.

Ehiz says: “The income is great but I’m not sure how long it’ll last. I’m still not in a position to buy property.

“One day I’d love to be able to buy my family a home. Miracles do happen.”

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A TikTok trend where teenagers use tiny magnets as fake tongue piercings has prompted the NHS …




A <b>TikTok</b> trend where teenagers use tiny magnets as fake tongue piercings has prompted the NHS ... thumbnail

A TikTok trend where teenagers use tiny magnets as fake tongue piercings has prompted the NHS to call for the metal balls to be banned.

The viral challenge involves people putting two magnetic balls on either side of their tongue to give the appearance of a tongue piercing.

But accidentally swallowing more than one magnet can be life-threatening and cause serious damage within hours.

The NHS said there has been a rise in hospital admissions among older children as many have taken part in the online craze, leading the NHS to issue a patient safety alert earlier this month.

An 11-year-old is among those who suffered serious complications after apparently swallowing several of the magnets, according to Worcester News.

Ellis Tripp was rushed to hospital and forced to undergo a six-hour operation to remove five inches of his bowel.

His mother, Amy Clarke, pleaded with other parents to watch out for the TikTok trend.

“I’m in a nightmare. This TikTok craze could/would have killed him if left any longer. Please talk to your children and tell them how DANGEROUS THESE ARE,” she wrote on Facebook.

A 13-year-old girl is also reported to have had major surgery after trying out the social media trend.

Her mother, Faye Elizabeth from Rainhill, said her daughter swallowed 15 of the magnetic beads, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The tiny balls are less than 6mm in diameter and can be easily swallowed.

Once ingested, they can become forced together in the intestines or bowels, squeezing the tissue and cutting off the blood supply.

At least 65 children have been admitted to hospital in England for urgent surgery after swallowing magnets in the last three years.

Professor Simon Kenny, paediatric surgeon and national clinical director for children and young people at NHS England, has called for the magnets to be banned.

He said: “There is nothing fun for children or their parents about surgery to remove magnets that have been swallowed and become stuck together through different parts of the intestines, or the long-term physical problems and internal scarring that can be left behind.

“I would urge parents to be aware of the dangers associated with magnetic toys but ultimately, the only way we can prevent future incidents is to stop these items being sold altogether.”

The NHS said anyone who has swallowed magnets should not wait to develop symptoms and should instead go to A&E immediately.

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TikTok Given EU Ultimatum Over Child Safety Concerns




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