A Forum contributor says that e-commerce is great for buyers, but not for sellers. Do you agree?

Buyers like to be cheap and expect a $100-quality item when paying only $50. They then show the ugly keyboard-warrior side of themselves through reviews.

Vanessa Kim

E-commerce removes all the unnecessary middlemen involved in transactions, and hence their costs.

It also compels merchants to be transparent and competitive in their pricing of goods and services, and offers consumers more choices.

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Pang Heng Ong

If there are more buyers, sellers could make a larger profit margin. It’s a gamble when doing business online.

Peter Tan

Try selling anything online, no matter how costly, branded or new, and you will get lowballed to the bottom of a very dry well.

And then there are fishy inquiries from buyers who are clearly just trying to get your account number.

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C Jay Collins