When Amtrak revealed potential expansion plans for rail lines, 47 of 48 contiguous states rejoiced.

The one that didn’t? South Dakota.

While the passenger railroad service has been around for 50 years, its never had rail lines in the Mount Rushmore state. Even with President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan dedicating $80 billion to rail lines, it appears that South Dakota will still be left out.

Gov. Kristi Noem, who’s openly voiced her opinions against Biden’s infrastructure plan, took her outrage online.

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Biden’s “infrastructure” bill spends more on electric cars than on roads or bridges.

It gives $80 billion to Amtrak to build rail lines to every state EXCEPT Alaska, Hawaii, or SOUTH DAKOTA.

And it repeals Right to Work protections that are proven to grow the economy.

— Governor Kristi Noem (@govkristinoem) April 1, 2021

And others did, too, both inside and outside South Dakota.

Hey @Amtrak a route from Fargo, ND to Omaha, NE wouldn’t be such a bad idea….then maybe eventually Sioux Falls to Rapid City? I mean You’re not in South Dakota at all……

— AddieMarie Jastram (@AddieMarieJ) April 1, 2021

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Still others chose to swap the anger for humor, even throwing it back to earlier this week when Noem picked a fight with Lil Nas X over a pair of shoes.

South Dakota doesn’t deserve an Amtrak stop after what their governor said to Lil Nas X

— MM (@2ms1i) April 1, 2021

Looking at this map made us think South Dakota can get a new marketing campaign to replace that “Meth” one from a while back.

By our count, they are the ONLY state not on the Amtrak plan — which includes Canada!

— RAYGUN (@RAYGUNshirts) April 1, 2021

Will the mild Twitter rage make Amtrak reconsider their plans? Only time will tell.

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Rebekah Tuchscherer is an agriculture reporter for the Argus Leader. Follow her for news and funny tweets on Twitter @r2sure.

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