Penn State Twitter Accounts That Deserve To Be Verified



Ah, yes: the blue checkmark. It’s the ultimate sign of respect and power on Twitter and arguably the most highly coveted prize in today’s world.

Former Penn State football star Micah Parsons finally got verified on Twitter Tuesday, but that got us thinking…Are there other Penn State-related accounts that deserve the blue checkmark? The short answer is: absolutely.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out the top Nittany Lions on Twitter that deserve some recognition. Here’s our running list:

Micah Shrewsberry

Come on, folks. Penn State men’s basketball’s new head coach absolutely deserves the blue checkmark.

Coach Shrews’ Twitter game has already been red-hot out of the gates, as he’s managed to congratulate Penn State women’s soccer on its Big Ten regular-season championship, along with notes to Jeff Tambroni and Mark Pavlik on their 200th and 600th victories, respectively.

If Penn State hoops wants to get to the next level with a new coach at the helm, Shrewsberry needs to be verified on Twitter.

Paul Clifford

Can someone please explain to us why the CEO of the nation’s largest dues-paying alumni association isn’t verified on Twitter?

@Paul4PennState is constantly tweeting out love for Penn State and is one of the most active Twitter accounts out there. This past week, Clifford already got a huge W on the app when men’s soccer star Pierre Reedy followed him back, so let’s take it one step further and get the man a blue checkmark.

Yallah Taco

Like it or not, Yallah Taco is a State College staple. With that in mind, the taco joint absolutely deserves some more clout on social media. The restaurant’s account currently has just 33 followers, but you can change that!

Let’s get Yallah Taco some followers on Twitter and start its journey to the blue checkmark.

SOC 119 Class

Sam Richards’ race relations course is one of the most popular and widely taken courses at Penn State. Richards already packs 600 students into 100 Thomas twice a week every semester, and the class Twitter account has collected more than 2,000 followers.

The account is extremely active and shares clips from Richards’ lectures often, so there won’t be any problem there. SOC 119 lectures already garner viewers from around the world, so why not make the account verified?

Before class tomorrow, join Sam and his floating head and ask him ANYTHING!

Call 814-430-3555 with your thoughts.

During class, we will be joined by our #soc119 friends in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. You won’t want to miss it!

— Soc 119 Class (@Soc119) March 29, 2021

JoePa Statue

“But Will, this account hasn’t tweeted since September 2019!”

I don’t care. Get the JoePa Statue verified. Also, if someone would please tell us where that bronze statue is, that’d be fantastic.

Old Main Bell

Sure, the Old Main bell chimes every 15 minutes, but it also has a Twitter account that does the same every hour.

There’s no arguing the importance of this account. It quite literally has tweeted every hour for as long as I can scroll back. That dedication must be recognized in the form of a blue checkmark.

Joe Patoasterno

Of all the Penn State Twitter accounts that have been mentioned so far, this may be at the top of the list. Joe Patoasterno quite simply makes “tuddie toast” with the Penn State logo on it and is a great follow for any Penn Stater.

Joe Patoasterno tweets and shares any and all things Penn State, including some great Penn State football commentary. At times, however, this account keeps it simple. It’s great nonetheless.

That’s blue checkmark material.

The Land-Grant Trophy

In case you forgot, the Land-Grant Trophy is the most beautiful trophy in all of college football. The magnificent hunk of wood is awarded to the winner of Penn State-Michigan State every year. And yes, it has a Twitter account.

Not only is the trophy beautiful, but it is truly hilarious on Twitter. Check out the last meme it fired off.

If you needed a reminder of how great this trophy and its Twitter account is, just check out this video. Watch it and tell me it doesn’t deserve to be verified.

Will Pegler

Will is a junior majoring in digital and print journalism and is an associate editor for Onward State. He is from Darien, Connecticut and is a lifelong Penn State football fan. He loves a good 80’s comedy movie, Peaky Blinders, The Office, and the New York Yankees and Giants. You can catch some of his ridiculous sports takes on his Twitter @gritdude and yell at him on his email [email protected]

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