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Halsey is living their truth, as she rightfully should, surprising fans over the weekend on Saturday, March 13, when she quietly added their pronouns — she/they to their Instagram and Twitter bios.

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Halsey, who has openly identified as bisexual since 2015, and previously described themselves with the tongue-in-cheek term “tri-bi” as she’s biracial and also bipolar, is now sharing that their gender identity is fluid as well. Because honestly who is defined simply as or by only just one thing? We personally can’t think of any, and clearly neither could her fans who immediately flocked to Twitter to show an outpouring of support and respect.

“Let Halsey be who they wanna be!” one user tweeted while another added, “No like actually this means so f***ing much to me because I’ve been struggling [with] my gender identity so much lately.” As a third fan gushed, “I could cry I’m so happy.” And the love just kept coming.

Later that day, Halsey acknowledged the support from their fans and responded with a brief note of gratitude in an Instagram story, writing “thank u,” alongside a red heart emoji.

Halsey's IG story on March 13 2021

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As an artist and individual, Halsey has never been one to draw inside the lines. And nothing has proved that more than these last few months, which have been full of surprises. From their pregnancy announcement to their About Face make-up line drop, and now revealing their true gender identity. The usually open book, continued the sharing mood onto their IG feed, with an update photo of their ever growing pregnant belly.

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We’re honestly so delighted and excited for Halsey and the journey they’re on. Can’t wait to see what she’ll surprise us with next.

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