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Chrissy Teigen Joins Pinterest Presents Speaker Line-Up



Chrissy Teigen Joins Pinterest Presents Speaker Line-Up

B&T Magazine

Chrissy Teigen will share her perspective on how the industry of influence is changing—and why brands need to pay attention—at Pinterest Presents, the company’s first-ever global ad summit.

Founder of Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, a cookbook author, and television personality, Teigen will join Pinterest’s head of content and creator partnerships Aya Kanai, alongside standout speakers at Pinterest Presents.

These include the likes of Turia Pitt, an author, speaker, coach, and ironman athlete, who will discuss how she has overcome hardships and how she embraces inspiration.

In addition, industry leader Megan Brownlow will speak to Pinterest Australia agency lead Ryan Goldsworthy about how self-actualised brands embrace conscious commerce and align with social good.

It comes as Pinterest prepares to host its first-ever global advertising summit, Pinterest Presents, which will provide the global marketing community an exclusive look at the company’s latest ad product updates and new ways to reach its 450 million users.

Running on 3 March 2021 as an accessible virtual experience, the event will be hosted for advertisers in key markets including the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

According to Pinterest, the virtual summit is designed to inspire and spark creativity among its audience and provide marketers with an exclusive look at the company’s latest ad product updates, which offer even more opportunities for advertisers on the growing platform.

Pinterest Presents will, additionally, bring together a range of compelling industry voices and inspiring speakers to create an exciting and engaging virtual experience.

You can access additional sign-up information for the event at

And for further coverage of Pinterest Presents, be sure to stay connected with B&T.

Featured image source: Vimeo/Mike Cucinotta. ‘Style Caster present Rule Breakers: Chrissy Teigen’ is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Mater Expands Annual International Women’s Day Fun Run With Virtual Race

Mater Chicks in Pink has officially launched the 30th annual RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run (IWDFR), and for the first time in the events history has included the ‘Your Fun Run, Your Way’ virtual component allowing people all over Australia to participate in the event. 

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Homewares brand Sheridan has unveiled its newest campaign, which showcases its towels through contemporary dance performed by the Sydney Dance Company. After fifty years of quality and inovative homewares, Sheridan towels have ‘never felt better’. The brand approached Sydney Dance Company and asked them to choreograph movement that synchronised the beauty and elegeance of dance. […]

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Struggling to get a clear picture of their customers, 49% of sales leaders in Australia say their CRM is costing them revenue

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Amir Rezaee, Head of Performance at Alpha Digital predicts that the ban of news content on the network could encourage marketers to build their presence across other platforms. Marketers are experiencing a shake-up and a half Facebook has had a busy start to the year and negotiations around the News Media Bargaining Code escalated quickly […]

Australia Vs Facebook: Regulating The Market Of Attention

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Jess Belgiovane Joins Production Company Eight

Jess Belgiovane has joined production company Eight as a producer in the TVC department.

JCDecaux National Audience Mobility Data At Highest Levels Since March Last Year

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Riverview Farms Tells Australians To ‘Tell A Porky’ In Campaign Via Airbag & Abel

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KIA Celebrates Twenty Years At The Australian Open With Its Kia-Morphia Experience

Kia-Morphia may sound like an inflammation of the alimentary canal, but as you’ll read here it’s a motor vehicle thing.

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Programmatic proving to be the Holey Moly and AstraZeneca of adland – arguably not as good as first thought.

Forget Facebook! Bob Katter Thinks We Should Just Make Our Own Social Media Site

Much like any Sylvester Stallone film or Guy Sebastian’s entire career, this idea’s so dumb it may actually work.

Edelman Trust Barometer Shows All-Time Highs In Trust Across Australian Institutions

New study finds Aussies’ trust in institutions at an all-time high. Further proof of excessive drinking in lockdown.

Omnicom’s Revenues Down 9.6% In Q4, As Australia Proves A Shining Light

B&T’s delved & deep dived into Omnicom’s numbers, cut ‘n’ pasted them off another site to deliver this expert analysis.

The Role Of Data In The COVID-19 Pandemic

Here’s expert commentary on the role data’s played during COVID. Sadly, no bats or pangolins featured in a focus group.

Video-Disruptor Vloggi Secures New Strategic Investor

Refreshed team to build on important customer wins and updates to Vloggi’s award-wining platform in 2020 ahead of its seed capital raising round in April

Multimedia streaming concept. Hand holding remote control. Video on demand

We’ve witnessed a tectonic shift in ad spends over the past 12 months AND just as Mount Etna’s erupted too.

Thursday TV Wrap: Gogglebox Premiere Beaten By Back Roads And The Tennis

We’re fast approaching the business end of the tennis. Meaning we can all go back to ignoring the game for another year.

Chicken Tonight Goes “Jerry Springer” In Ad Possibly So Bad It’s Comedic Genius

This Chicken Tonight ad may cause a bout of gastroenteritis, ulcers & hemorrhoids. Much like the product itself, really.

Roy Morgan: Australian Premium Spenders Reveal Their Favourite Brands   

American Express delivers firm “F-You” to all those “we don’t accept Amex” signs by topping premium brands list.

BCF Goes ‘Off The Grid With The Badger’ In Second Series Starring Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins

Most people would be happy with just the one nickname, but not Nick “honey badger, love rat, large schlong” Cummins.

Priceline Release ‘Australia’s Health Report: When Healthcare Meets Self-Care’, Via The Haus

B&T’s delved into this “health of the nation” report all while eating a Pizza Hut “three pizza & garlic bread” deal.

Will Facebook’s News Ban Backfire?

Sadly, Facebook now nothing more than a shell of slightly amusing cat videos & hideous bridesmaids’ dresses to gawk at.

Bedshed Captures Authentic Bedroom Moments In New Campaign, Via Rare

Bedshed brings a fresh approach to the bedding retail industry with its emotive, new national brand campaign capturing the unique ways we use our bedrooms, every day.

Sophie Hodgson Named Shopper Media’s New NSW Agency Sales Director

Shopper Media announces new NSW agency sales director who delivers exquisite “depth of field” in press photo.

Influencers Offer Brands Far More Than Just A Staged Selfie

The influencer market was not immune to the hardships of 2020, yet the medium may have been the quickest to adapt following the halting of production industry wide. Here, Lewis Steele, head of social and content at Connecting Plots, gives his insights on how marketers can continue to incorporate influencer marketing in our ever-changing social […]

Eyes of technologies in the futuristic

DoubleVerify has today announced broad availability of DV Authentic Attention. DV Authentic Attention is the first privacy-friendly data solution in the market to provide timely, impression-level insights to optimize campaign performance — from the impact of an ad’s presentation to key dimensions of consumer engagement. “Optimizing campaign performance with existing measurement solutions continues to be […]

Lotame Study: Marketers Plan For A Future With Multiple Identity Solutions

Lotame has today announced the findings of an in-depth survey on “Beyond the Cookie: The Future of Advertising for Marketers & Publishers.” The report examines how digital publishers and brands are addressing consumer engagement in the post-cookie landscape. 200 senior decision-makers in digital media and marketing across Australia were polled during December 2020. Key findings […]

State of the Nation travel symposium with Tourism Australia's Phillipa Harrison and QANTAS Chief Marketing Officer Jo Boundy. Sydney Opera House, February 17, 2021. Photo: Rhett Wyman/SMH

B&T’s scribe had a tear of joy rolling down his cheek as he tucked into his first industry arancini ball in a year.

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3 High-Growth Stocks That Are Just Getting Started



If you think these explosive stocks are going to slow down, think again.

Parkev Tatevosian

This article represents the opinion of the writer, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a Motley Fool premium advisory service. We’re motley! Questioning an investing thesis — even one of our own — helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

Follow @TMFParkev

Growth stocks are usually companies that are growing sales and earnings faster than the market or industry. Some are taking advantage of a growing trend and others may be taking market share from existing businesses. In either case, they can deliver fantastic gains for investors.

Chegg (NYSE:CHGG), DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG), and Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) are three growth stocks that have a long runway ahead of them. Each is only beginning to tap the market opportunity in front of them. 

Chegg is positioning itself to benefit from what it says is the inevitable shift to online learning. DraftKings is a leading player in an expanding daily fantasy sports market and is expanding its products as states become friendlier toward online sports wagering. And Pinterest is benefiting from the increasing advertising that is allocated to digital formats. Here is why these three growth stocks can continue increasing revenue and customers for several years. 

A woman writing in a notebook outdoors.

Image source: Getty Images.


Chegg is a leading online student learning platform that helps students study for college courses. It generates revenue mostly by selling its Chegg Study subscription, which for $14.95 per month gives students access to step-by-step solutions to problems found in over 35,000 textbooks. That’s a substantial increase from the roughly 400 titles that were available 10 years ago. As you can imagine, the more titles available, the better the value for students. 

Indeed, an increasing share of students are finding Chegg’s services helpful in their pursuit of education. At the end of 2020, Chegg had 6.6 million paying subscribers, which was 67% higher than the amount it had a year ago. Still, management thinks it has a long way to go as it estimates the market opportunity is 102 million students that can benefit from Chegg’s services.

Already, the rapid growth in customers is leading to an acceleration in revenue growth from 25.9% in 2018 to 56.8% in 2020. Moreover, Chegg is investing in technology to reduce account sharing (multiple students that use the same account) and encourage international growth, where it expects to surpass 1 million subscribers in 2021. Both could be catalysts that sustain growth even longer.


DraftKings is a platform that offers online sports betting, iGaming, and daily fantasy sports. The company is benefiting from a wave of regulations across several states that make more of its services available to consumers. Still, the company’s online sports betting service is only available to 20% of the U.S. population. That creates the potential for DraftKings to grow further as more states allow it to offer services to its constituents.  

Sentiment toward the legalization of online gambling activities is becoming more favorable as states are searching for ways to increase tax revenue. That trend is further fueled by the fact that the coronavirus pandemic, and ensuing business closures, are leading to decreasing revenue in some states. Politicians find that the public would react more favorably to the expansion of online gaming activities than increasing personal income taxes.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, 21 states representing roughly 40% of the U.S. population have legalized sports betting. It takes time between when a state legalizes the activity and when an entity can offer it to the public. DraftKings now offers online sports betting in 10 of the 21 states where it’s legal.

In the most recent quarter, revenue and monthly unique players increased by 42% and 62%, respectively, from the previous year. Those figures are poised to grow as it expands to additional localities.  

Three young adults at a bar watching sports and celebrating.

Image source: Getty Images.


Pinterest has only been a public company for a few short years and has a $54 billion market cap. Compare that to Facebook‘s market cap of $764 billion, add in all the catalysts that can help Pinterest realize its potential, and it’s not too hard to see a profitable future for the up-and-coming social media platform.

Pinterest’s visual search engine increased monthly active users (MAUs) to 459 million, which was 37% higher than in the previous year. It’s a long way away from Facebook, which has 3.3 billion MAUs across its family of apps. The vast difference could be an opportunity for Pinterest in the coming years.

Moreover, Pinterest generates an average revenue per user of $1.57, which is significantly lower than Facebook’s ARPU of $8.62. Pinterest is investing in its monetizing capabilities, and as it builds those out, it could narrow the gap.

In addition to taking market share, Pinterest can benefit from the digital advertising industry’s growth. One estimate says that in the U.S., it will grow from $132 billion in 2019 to $243 billion in 2024. 

Overall, these three growth stocks have the potential to continue increasing revenue and customers for multiple years. Investors looking for high-growth stocks with a favorable outlook can add Chegg, DraftKings, and Pinterest to their lists. 

Parkev Tatevosian owns shares of Facebook and Pinterest. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Facebook and Pinterest. The Motley Fool recommends Chegg. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.


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Shopify-TikTok Social Commerce Pact Expands, Spurring Facebook, Pinterest In Social Sales



You don’t have to read tea leaves or master divination to see that social commerce is heating up as a huge payments trend this year. Social commerce combines embedded and contextual payments with relevant content that’s proven to increase sales within a (mostly) seamless CX.

Action is getting intense, with Adweek reporting that the Shopify pact with TikTok struck last October is expanding to 14 more countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Per Adweek, “The expansion of TikTok’s Shopify channel to a global audience — which now includes Australia, Canada, the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam — gives even more merchants access to … self-service tools to be discovered by TikTok users and to optimize their marketing campaigns.”

With the Biden administration lowering the volume on talk of TikTok bans, there’s a “before the gold rush” electricity in the air as other social giants pile in, including embattled Facebook.

Recall that in July 2020 over 1,000 advertisers joined in an advertising boycott of Facebook. Investor news site Seeking Alpha recently reported, “Facebook’s top 100 advertisers spent 30 million USD less in July 2020 than the corresponding period in 2019. While it is difficult to separate the effect of the boycott from the effect of the pandemic, it appears that advertising spend on Facebook was reduced by tens of millions of dollars” for full-year 2020.

Which then begs the question: can social commerce make up for — and perhaps even surpass — falling ad revenue with fees and a hefty slice of the social commerce pie? That’s an unknown as the end of Q1 2021 looms, and social selling starts taking flight in a serious way worldwide.

Social Commerce Skirmishes

As news of the Shopify-TikTok expansion hit, so did Facebook’s announcement that it too is doubling down on social commerce with new features for the contextual shopper.

Trade news site InternetRetailing reported in late February about Facebook’s new “Shop”  feature, available in the U.K. and Canada, and “allowing retailers to sell on its platform and to integrate selling from Instagram too.”

Per that reporting, Facebook Shop allows retailers “to create a single online selling presence on the platform and to sell from user’s feeds. It also will be closely allied to the company’s other social media selling tools on Instagram, which it launched last year,” adding that Facebook is also connecting to loyalty programs and will be adding shoppable product tags to videos.

Not to be left out — and maybe even a bit ahead of the curve — is Pinterest, whose stock “continues to perform strongly due to continued user growth and improving monetization of users,” Seeking Alpha said, adding, “Pinterest will likely end up with a much larger user base than Twitter or Snapchat, probably comparable to Instagram or TikTok, and the platform is a close fit for social commerce.”

Pinterest is making its platform more shoppable, with innovations like “Product Pins” enhanced with metadata and designed to move merchandise.

It’s Anybody’s Race Right Now, But Favorites Are Emerging

There’s another story afoot here, and it’s the recent Amazon purchase of Selz, the Australian eCommerce startup. Many see that acquisition as Amazon’s response to rivals Shopify-TikTok and Pinterest in helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) primarily get up to speed with marketplace and social selling.

As PYMNTS reported at the time of the Selz acquisition, “There are reasons to believe that in some respects, Shopify enters this race with a bit of an edge on Amazon. As New York Times contributor Yiren Lu observed in November of 2o20, ‘if the key to Amazon’s success has been to put the customer first, for Shopify, the key has been to put the merchant first.’”

If Shopify and TikTok are setting the bar at the moment — and it appears they are — then expect copycats and emulators to follow in the path the two are blazing.

Read More On Retail:

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Social Commerce Market 2021 Ongoing Trend with Most Demanding Players as Etsy, Facebook …



In-depth study of the Global Social Commerce Industry that helps to provide answers and relevant questions regarding the Emerging trends and Growth opportunities. It helps identify each of the major growth barriers aside from identifying the trends in the Social Commerce market.

Social commerce is a part of e-commerce, and refers to buying & selling activities that take place specifically on social media platforms. Social commerce includes local as well as worldwide marketplaces that comprise small & large businesses selling their products to various social media followers and individual buyers.

Rapid growth in social media and e-commerce expected to drive the global social commerce market. Moreover, growing adoption of social media advertising is anticipated to boost the demand for social commerce market.

Get Sample Copy of this Report @

The reports cover key developments in the Social Commerce market as organic and inorganic growth strategies. Various companies are focusing on organic growth strategies such as product launches, product approvals and others such as patents and events. Inorganic growth strategies activities witnessed in the market were acquisitions, and partnership & collaborations. These activities have paved way for expansion of business and customer base of market players. The market payers from Social Commerce market are anticipated to lucrative growth opportunities in the future with the rising demand for Social Commerce market in the global market.

Key Players Influencing the Market

  • Etsy, Inc.
  • Facebook
  • PayPal Payments Private Limited
  • Pinterest
  • Poshmark, Inc.
  • Reddit Inc.
  • SINA Corp.
  • Taobao (
  • Twitter, Inc.

The “Global Social Commerce Market Analysis to 2027” is a specialized and in-depth study of the technology, media and telecommunications industry with a special focus on the global market trend analysis. The report aims to provide an overview of Social Commerce market with detailed market segmentation by component, deployment type, industry vertical, and geography. The global Social Commerce market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the leading Social Commerce market players and offers key trends and opportunities in the market.

The global social commerce market is segmented on the basis of business model, device type, end user. On the basis of business model, market is segmented as B2B, B2C, C2C. On the basis of device type, market is segmented as smartphone, laptop, tablets. On the basis of end user, market is segmented as individual, commercial

Besides this, the report analyzes factors affecting Social Commerce market from both demand and supply side and further evaluates market dynamics affecting the market during the forecast period i.e., drivers, restraints, opportunities, and future trend. The report also provides exhaustive PEST analysis for all five regions considered in the Global Social Commerce Market report.

The report provides a detailed overview of the industry including both qualitative and quantitative information. It provides an overview and forecast of the global Social Commerce market based on the type and application. It also provides market size and forecast till 2027 for overall Social Commerce market with respect to five major regions, namely; North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America (SAM). The market by each region is later sub-segmented by respective countries and segments. The report covers the analysis and forecast of 18 countries globally along with the current trend and opportunities prevailing in the region.

Place a Purchase Order to Buy a Complete Copy of this Report @

Answers that the report acknowledges:

  • Market size and growth rate during forecast period.
  • Key factors driving the Social Commerce Market.
  • Key market trends cracking up the growth of the Social Commerce Market.
  • Challenges to market growth.
  • Key vendors of Social Commerce Market.
  • Detailed SWOT analysis.
  • Opportunities and threats faces by the existing vendors in Global Social Commerce Market.
  • Trending factors influencing the market in the geographical regions.
  • Strategic initiatives focusing the leading vendors.
  • PEST analysis of the market in the five major regions.

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