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9 soothing Instagram accounts to calm a frazzled brain



9 soothing <b>Instagram</b> accounts to calm a frazzled brain thumbnail

With posts ranging from step-by-step painting videos to dream-like photographs, these Instagram accounts are the home of aesthetically pleasing, relaxing content.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ll have heard all the warnings about how bad social media can be for your mental health. From the dangers of doomscrolling to the perils of blue light exposure before bed, most self-care guides will include some kind of tech-related tip, such as cutting down your screen time or deleting the social media apps from your phone. 

But what if social media wasn’t always bad for you? What if, alongside cutting down on your screen time, there was a way to boost your wellbeing through social media? To use it in a way which makes it a less stressful, more relaxing experience?

Welcome, dear reader, to Instagram’s wholesome side. Across the social media platform, there are creators aplenty producing satisfying, aesthetically pleasing and soothing content. And while they don’t sell themselves as relaxation aides, scrolling through their feeds is slowly becoming one of our favourite ways to switch off when we’re feeling frazzled. 

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We’re not saying these accounts are going to magically rid you of all your anxiety or help you get to sleep, but they might provide some light relief from the stress of your day-to-day routine – something we’re all in need of at the moment. 

So without further ado, here are some of our favourite soothing accounts to help you inject some calm into your Instagram feed.

  • Yuki Kawae (@yukikawae)

    Yuki Kawae’s account is a treasure trove of soothing videos, which show him using sand and a rake to create mesmerising patterns and designs.

    The sound of the sand scratching against the rake paired with the occasional gong strike gives the videos a meditative quality which is seriously relaxing. 

  • Coffee Bae (@coffeebae97)

    If you find watching milk swirl into a cup of coffee mesmerising, you’ll enjoy Coffee Bae’s close-up videos, which show them putting together a series of different drinks with a calming soundtrack in the background.

    With drinks ranging from creamy milkshakes to iced coffee, each video brings a new surprise – we love this one inspired by the pastel hues of Bridgerton

  • Mairi Stone (@mairi_stone)

    Mairi Stone is a ceramicist from Ireland who uses intricate, swirling patterns to create her eye-catching designs.

    Not only is her feed beautiful to look at, but the videos she posts of her creating each of her pieces are an absolutely mesmerising watch.

  • Simplicity Archives (@simplicityarchives)

    Treat your eyes to an aesthetic feast by adding this account to your follow list.

    Simplicity Archives’ compilation of eye-catching photos and videos may not be as traditionally soothing as some of the content on this list, but it’s still well worth a scroll.

  • Maso Eden Llama and Alpaca Farm (@maso_edenalpaca)

    An account dedicated to llamas and alpacas may not sound the most exciting thing in the world, but stay with us.

    Dedicated to documenting the lives of the llamas and alpacas who live on the Maso Eden farm in the Italian countryside, this account will not only make your feed 100x more adorable, but its easily digestible nature makes it surprisingly soothing, too.   

  • Alexandra Velichko (@alexandravelichko)

    Alexandra Velichko’s incredibly beautiful oil paintings aren’t the only reason why her account has made this list.

    Click onto one of her videos and you’ll see what we’re talking about – the combination of the blue tones she uses in her art and the classical music which plays in the background is ultra-calming.

  • Oumi Janta (oumi_janta)

    If you’re looking for soothing content that’s a bit more upbeat, Oumi Janta’s rollerskating videos are a must-watch.

    Not only is she bloody talented (how does she make those moves look so effortless?), but the music which plays in the background of her videos adds to Janta’s joyful, carefree vibe – perfect for watching when you need a pick-me-up at the end of the day.

  • Frederikke Wærens (@frederikkewaerens)

    You might want to avoid watching Frederikke Wærens’s mesmerising food videos when you’re hungry, but otherwise, feel free to dive right in.

    Just make sure to have your audio on as you watch – trust us, it’s a real treat for the senses.

  • Philip Boelter (@boelterdesignco)

    There’s something incredibly mesmerising about the bright colours and bold brushstrokes Philip Boelter uses to create his gouache designs.

    If you’re looking for something to take your mind off of everything going on right now, then try watching one of his speed lapse painting videos – you won’t regret it. 

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Paul O’Grady shares outrage over Lydd pug theft and warns Instagram followers not to walk pets …



Paul O'Grady shares outrage over Lydd pug theft and warns <b>Instagram</b> followers not to walk pets ... thumbnail

Paul O’Grady has warned dog owners not to walk their pets alone following a pug theft on the Romney Marsh.

The TV star, 65, has posted his outrage on Instagram after pensioner Ann Cowlard shared her ordeal on KentOnline.

Paul O'Grady, presenter of For the Love of Dogs, has issued a warning to pet owners
Paul O’Grady, presenter of For the Love of Dogs, has issued a warning to pet owners

Mrs Cowlard, who was walking her dogs in Lydd, was approached by a masked stranger in an alleyway before having her 11-year-old pug snatched in a pre-planned theft.

Wednesday’s crime, which has left 72-year-old Mrs Cowlard devastated, has sparked a mammoth social media appeal to locate her missing dog.

Aldington celebrity O’Grady – well known for his love of the four-legged animals – has since shared the missing pet poster to his 443,000 Instagram followers in a bid to help find the pooch.

“An elderly lady was walking her pugs in the village of Lydd in Kent when a big brave man wearing a balaclava walked up and took one,” he wrote.

“The pug that this unmitigated piece of human excrement stole is 11 years old and her owner is totally heart broken.

Paul O'Grady's Instagram post
Paul O’Grady’s Instagram post

“If anyone knows or hears anything could you report it?

“Dog theft is one of the lowest crimes that unfortunately is on the rise. Keep an eye on your pet. Don’t leave them alone in the garden and if you can don’t walk them on your own. Take care.”

O’Grady’s, post has been liked by 12,600 people.

The pug theft happened between 10.30am and 11am on Wednesday, near to the Robin Hood Lane in Lydd.

Speaking yesterday, Mrs Cowlard said: “No one’s going to want her aside from me as she’s going deaf and has lost half her teeth. I really hope she has been dumped somewhere and we can find her.

The theft happened in an alleyway off Robin Hood Lane
The theft happened in an alleyway off Robin Hood Lane
An appeal has been launched to find Mrs Cowlard's stolen pug
An appeal has been launched to find Mrs Cowlard’s stolen pug

“There was a man all in black – he was either in a balaclava or he had a woolly hat and mask – so I waited for him to come down the alley because of social distancing.

“When he came through he bent down to make a fuss and said ‘you’re lovely doggies aren’t you’.

“He was stroking one of their heads and unclipping the lead with the other hand. I screamed and went hysterical but he picked her up and ran off with her.

“I can’t explain how devastating something like this is.”

Anyone who thinks they have information on the dog theft should contact police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/30585/21 or call 01797 320788.

To get the latest updates in ongoing cases, police appeals and criminals put behind bars, click here

Read more: All the latest news from Romney Marsh

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Albert Pujols clears up retirement rumors after wife’s social media post



Albert Pujols clears up retirement rumors after wife's <b>social</b> media post thumbnail

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols has been put in the awkward spot of clearing up retirement chatter fueled largely by his wife.

The Los Angeles Angels designated hitter clarified Saturday that he has not yet made a decision about his playing career beyond 2021, and no announcement would come until after the season.

“I think our organization, my friends, people that follow my career for 21 years deserve better than just me or her posting something on Instagram,” Pujols said Saturday, via Greg Beacham of the Associated Press. “This thing just got blown out of proportion. My mind is not even there. My mind is on staying focused, healthy, and hopefully trying to help this ballclub win this year, and that’s it. If I feel at the end of the year that that’s it, I’ll announce it (and) go home. But I’m not even there yet.”

Pujols added that he was taking a nap when his wife made the Instagram post that resulted in him waking up to hundreds of missed calls and messages on his phone.

Since the start of the 2017 season, Pujols has hit only .242 and is averaging a modest 18 home runs per season. He turned 41 in January and his contract expires at the end of the season, and he probably wouldn’t find a ton of demand as a free agent.

Sports News Minute Podcast

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Roy Keane not a fan of wearing lycra as comical Instagram post proves



Roy Keane not a fan of wearing lycra as comical <b>Instagram</b> post proves thumbnail
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It’s hard not to love Roy Keane on Instagram.

The Manchester United legend recently joined the social media platform and has brought his unique brand of humour with him.

Keane has now posted five photos, from an opening selfie with his dog to a comical Valentine’s Day message showing him grappling with two West Ham players during his time at Nottingham Forest.

In his latest post, Keane has been getting on his bike.

But despite wearing a protective helmet, the former midfield general insisted he wouldn’t be donning lycra for his cycle.

In it he says: “I’ll wear the helmet but if you see me wearing lycra, run me over.”

The post has already been liked 145,000 times since being posted on Saturday afternoon.

The 49-year-old already has 1.2m followers on his Insta account, but in typical Keano fashion he has yet to follow one single person.

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