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DuckDuckGo Is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Default Search Engine



Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey recently revealed that he has stopped using Google and moved to its rival DuckDuckGo.

In a Twitter post, the CEO professed love to DuckDuckGo and said he had made it his default engine.

It read: “I love @DuckDuckGo. My default search engine for a while now. The app is even better!”

Soon, DuckDuckGo responded to Dorsey’s compliment with a witty tweet, writing: That’s great to hear @jack! Happy to have you on the on the Duck side,” followed by a duck emoji.

Launched in 2008, DuckDuckGo’s search engine is far behind the US based search engine giant Google, with its average number of searches per days at close to 50 million, while Google processes more than 3.5 billion search queries a day

to recall, Dorsey recently trolled social media giant Facebook, when the company rebranded its logo from lower case to all caps in order to distinguish it self from the company’s subsidiaries such as Instagram and WhatsApp.



The Basics of Business Intelligence [Infographic]



Take large amounts of data. Refine it. Analyze it. Then make decisions based off the resulting information.

That, in a nutshell, is business intelligence, or BI. BI is not a single tool, but a variety of resources, from hardware to software, and anything that provides data, including the treasure trove available from your social media channels.

Business intelligence software organizes the data, and users create reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. As a term, BI now includes advanced and augmented analytics, and while traditional BI focuses on what happened in the past and what’s happening in the present, business analytics (BA) identifies current trends in order to predict future trends.

Essentially, business intelligence software takes your company’s data and helps you better understand what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what you can do about it. And the advantages for business are clear.

To learn more about business intelligence, check out this infographic.

The Basics of Business Intelligence

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Reddit Outlines 2019 Performance Stats and Trends




Reddit has this week provided an overview of its key performance stats and milestones for 2019 as part of its year in review – and there are some very interesting insights included within the various data points.

Reddit’s main, broader usage points of note for the year are:

  • 430 million monthly active users ( 30% YoY increase)
  • 199 million posts
  • 1.7 billion comments
  • 32 billion upvotes

That top number is the most significant – back in April 2018, Reddit reported having 330 million monthly active users, its last official update on this front. It’s now added another 100 million, which means that Reddit now has significantly more users than Twitter (330m as of April 2019), Pinterest (322m), and very likely LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat (the latter three don’t report MAU stats, but the data available would suggest that none have close to 430 million monthly actives).

But what’s also worth noting here is the relative growth rate.

As you can see here, since April 2018 (or near to), Reddit’s MAU numbers are actually growing faster than every other major platform, aside from Facebook, which continues to expand into new regions.

Again, the comparisons are not definitive – we don’t have official MAU rates for Snapchat, LinkedIn and TikTok, which is why they’re not listed, and Twitter stopped reporting MAU data in favor of its own mDAU stat back in July (Twitter went from 335m MAU in Q2 ’18 to 330m in Q1 ’19). But Instagram reported hitting a billion MAU in June 2018, and hasn’t provided an official update since, and Pinterest is growing, but it’s a way off the same rate.

Reddit, going on these stats, is fast becoming a more critical social platform, with its human-moderated approach seemingly holding more sway with more users as time goes on, which is important to consider.

This is further underlined in Reddit’s on-platform engagement stats:

  • Monthly comments have grown 37% YoY
  • Monthly view count has jumped 53% YoY

These are impressive numbers, and while Reddit may not be as advertiser-friendly as other platforms, it’s difficult to overlook the potential here.

And that’s before you take into account the additional specifics of who’s now using Reddit, and why.

In its further reporting, Reddit outlines the growth in various topic areas and communities, noting that there are now more than 100K active communities on the platform (though, interestingly, Reddit has previously pegged that number at 130k).

Among these, Reddit highlights significant growth in discussion and engagement around beauty:

“Increase in YoY subscribers in the top 50 beauty ( 63%) and style ( 52%) communities.”

Food trends

“35% YoY increase in subscribers in top 50 food communities.”

And parenting:

These are not areas that most would traditionally associated with Reddit – and while the majority of Reddit discussion still revolves around memes, web trends and gaming:

The broader overview of popular subjects shows that the Reddit community is diversifying – which, again, could point to increased marketing opportunities in the app.

Reddit has also added a range of new ad options this year as it seeks to improve its revenue potential, while it’s also worked on improving its guidelines and cleaning up its platform to provide more assurance to advertisers. It still might not be the right platform for your business, but the data here would suggest that it is likely worth another look as you go about your 2020 planning.

You can read Reddit’s full, in-depth usage and trend rundown for 2019 here.

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Cabinet Approves Personal Data Protection Bill, to Be Introduced in Parliament This Session



The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the much-anticipated Personal Data Protection Bill and the government will now introduce the bill in Parliament in the ongoing winter session. Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar, however, did not give any details of the bills to the media, saying details will be discussed first in Parliament.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) moved the Bill in the Cabinet and Telecom and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had recently informed the Upper House that the work on Data Protection law is in progress and would be introduced very soon in Parliament.

The bill is an attempt to set up a framework for the handling of citizen’s personal data in the country. It includes conditions on how organisations should receive, handle, and process users’ personal data

The proposed law may have a considerable impact on MNCs operating in India, whether with or without a physical presence, due to its data localisation requirements and cross-border data transfer restrictions.

Toeing the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the government had last year introduced a draft personal data protection bill to regulate the use of individual’s data by the government and private companies.

The draft bill, titled The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018, was prepared by an expert group headed by former Supreme Court judge B.N. Srikrishna. Now there will be norms on collection, storage and processing of personal data, consent of individuals, penalties and compensation, code of conduct and an enforcement model is likely to be a part of the law.


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