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New ways to control the ideas you see in your home feed



Pinterest is the place to discover and develop your taste, with inspiration for what you’re doing now and what you’re dreaming up for the future. But as your interests and plans change, your experience on Pinterest should evolve with you, too. In fact, one of our top Pinner requests is for more control over what you see in your home feed, and better ways to signal what you like and don’t like over time. 

Today, we’re making it easier than ever to control the recommendations you see in your home feed with a new home feed tuner and Pin-level controls. Now you can easily see the boards, topics, followed accounts and recent history that contribute to your recommendations and make tweaks so your feed stays relevant and inspiring. 

Maybe you’ve been searching for turkey recipes for Thanksgiving, but don’t want to see recommendations for it. Or you might want to turn off recommendations for your wedding or baby boards, or a home remodel board once the project is complete. We’ll always work to show you great recommendations, but taste is personal and we want you to have a bigger say in defining and refining your own tastes on Pinterest.

Home feed tuner

Starting today, you’ll have one easy, comprehensive view of what contributes to the recommendations you see in your home feed. From here, you can toggle each input on or off to decide whether it should continue to inform what you see on your home feed. Flip on if you want to see more ideas, flip off if you’d rather not, whether because the content is sensitive or irrelevant.


With this update, you’ll also have the option to receive recommendations for your secret boards, which were previously excluded from your recommendations. Don’t worry – secret boards will still remain hidden from your profile (as noted by the ‘lock’ icon). However, you now have the option to turn on recommendations if you want to see more about those topics — like a surprise birthday party or board of gift ideas — in your feed.

To get to the home feed tuner: 

  • On desktop, click the “…” button and select “Tune your home feed” or visit
  • On Android, visit the settings icon on your profile page, then select ‘Home Feed’. 
  • On iOS, go to your profile settings, then Account Settings, and select Home Feed.

New Pin-level controls

If you ever see a Pin in your feed and wonder how it got there – you’re in luck. Now you can tap on the “…” under any Pin to see why you are seeing the Pin and to give feedback if you don’t like it. You can also share feedback on why you’ve hidden a Pin so we can learn not to show you similar ones in the future.


Quote from Omar Seyal, Head of Pinner Products 

“We built these features in direct response to Pinner needs and to give people a way to turn recommendations on or off, while more easily controlling content that might be irrelevant or sensitive. We approached this in the same way our engineers build recommendations on the backend, by handing a control panel over to the Pinner so she can tune her home feed and have the most relevant and inspirational experience possible.”

We hope these new controls help your home feed reflect even more of who you are and inspire where you’re going. 

The new features are available globally and across platforms.

Download hi-res images here.

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Do I Have A UTI? | 9 Possible Causes of A Urinary Tract Infection | Health



There’s a certain painful, burning, always-have-to-pee feeling that can come with a urinary tract infection (UTI) and it’s something that a lot of people have experienced. If you’ve been struggling with UTIs lately, don’t get down on yourself. Knowing the potential causes of UTIs and actively working to combat them can go a long way toward keeping you pain-free in the future.

#UTI #UrinaryTractInfection #DeepDives #Health

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01:06 Sex

01:30 Tight Underwear

01:59 Wiping the Wrong Way

02:18 Gastrointestinal Issues

02:53 Pubic Hair

03:24 Uncontrolled Diabetes

03:58 Dehydration

04:23 Wet Bathing Suits or Sweaty Workout Clothes

Read the full article here:

Health Deep Dives features in-depth reporting and expert interviews on issues at the top of your mind. From the dangers of popular diets to whether it’s safe to sweat it out at the gym during a pandemic, we break down the answers to your deepest questions.

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Do I Have A UTI? | 9 Possible Causes of A Urinary Tract Infection | Health

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Morocco is the best destination for dream wedding according to Pinterest



Morocco is the best destination for dream wedding according to Pinterest

Morocco is the best destination for dream wedding according to Pinterest

29m 2021-13: 30-Morocco


From the social site Pinterest, Morocco tops the list of the most attractive countries to celebrate a dream wedding. Moroccan landscapes are perfect for a big wedding.

The ranking was released earlier this week by Pinterest and is based on data from users of the site. This shows that Pinterest members consider Morocco as the final destination for arranging a dream wedding. Greece and France follow in second and third place, respectively. According to users, France is still the land of love, but Morocco is still popular with its lights and jewelry tones.

Greece ranks second on the rocks with its beautiful villages. The country ranks third because France can still count on Paris’ status as a city of romanticism. Places like Mexico, Bali, Fiji are also on the list of 20 countries.

Italy, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Ibiza, Scotland, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, USA, Bahamas and Wales are the favorite destinations for dream weddings.

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Better Buy: Facebook vs. Pinterest



These two social media companies are competing for ad dollars.

According to eMarketer, 81% of internet users worldwide use social media each month. Notably, that figure is up from 78% in 2019 as a result of pandemic-driven digitization.

Not surprisingly, that trend has been a tailwind for social giants like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and challengers like Pinterest (NYSE:PINS). And given the enormity of the digital ad market, both of these tech companies should continue to grow in the years ahead.

But which stock is the better buy?

What we know about Facebook

Facebook operates several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It generates the vast majority of its revenue through the sale of ad space across those platforms, as well as on third-party apps and websites.

A group of young people interacting with smartphones, while various icons (i.e. camera, email, shopping cart) are displayed above their heads.

Image source: Getty Images.

Last year, as the pandemic drove people online, growth in monthly active people (MAP) accelerated. At the same time, 79% of MAP were also daily active people (DAP), up from 78% in 2019 and 77% in 2018. This indicates an uptick in engagement over time.

In the first quarter of 2021, 3.45 billion people used one of Facebook’s platforms on a monthly basis. Notably, the pandemic-driven increases in engagement continued to hold, as 79% of monthly users also signed in daily. And the average revenue per person (ARPP) increased 29% to $7.75 for the quarter.

In total, revenue jumped 48% year over year in Q1, driven by a 12% increase in the number of ads delivered and a 30% increase in the price per ad. That represents a meaningful acceleration in top-line growth compared to the company’s performance in recent years.



Q1 2021 (TTM)


Monthly Active People

2.64 billion

3.45 billion



$55.84 billion

$94.4 billion


Free Cash Flow

$15.4 billion

$24.2 billion


Data source: Facebook SEC filings. TTM = trailing-12-months. CAGR = compound annual growth rate.

While Facebook’s growth has been solid, investors should note that revenue has increased more quickly than free cash flow. This reflects Facebook’s weakening operating margin, which has fallen from 45% to 40% over that period.

Even so, Facebook is the leading social media platform worldwide. Over 2.7 billion people use at least one of its products every day — that’s roughly one-third of the globe’s population. That incredible scale has helped it capture 25% of the U.S. digital ad market. Only Alphabet‘s Google has taken more market share.

Going forward, if Facebook can avoid legal trouble, I think it still has room to grow.

What we know about Pinterest

Pinterest takes a different approach to social media. Rather than connecting friends and family, it’s a tool for inspiration, planning, and action. Pinterest has also gone to great lengths to build a positive environment for its users. Most social platforms can’t make the same claim.

Smiling woman interacting with smartphone.

Image source: Getty Images.

Pinterest’s growth strategy has focused on bringing more inspiring and shoppable content to its platform. For instance, it doubled down on video in 2020, enabling brands to engage consumers with dynamic stories and tutorials. Pinterest also made it possible to switch to shop mode from search, and it introduced the verified merchant program, helping consumers identify trusted sellers. In both cases, this simplifies the transition from inspiration to action, increasing value for consumers.

Those efforts also drove record growth in 2020: Pinterest added over 100 million monthly active users, and during Q4 it saw a sixfold increase in the number of businesses using shopping ads on its platform. That boosted average revenue per user (ARPU) to $4.26, up 12% from the prior year. Notably, Facebook’s ARPP was $32.03 in 2020, more than seven times higher than Pinterest’s.

In general, Pinterest has delivered solid financial results over the last few years.



Q1 2021 (TTM)


Monthly Active Users

265 million

478 million



$755.9 million

$1.9 billion


Free Cash Flow

($82.6 million)

$230.4 million


Data source: Pinterest SEC filings. TTM = trailing-12-months. CAGR = compound annual growth rate.

As a caveat, investors should be encouraged by the company’s strong performance in 2020, but they should also expect growth to slow in 2021. As the pandemic abates, people will probably spend less time online.

Even so, Pinterest has plenty of room to grow its business, especially in international markets. Given its execution so far, I think the future looks bright for this social media company.

The verdict

Facebook has achieved incredible scale, dwarfing Pinterest. It’s also much more profitable in terms of absolute dollars. That makes Facebook a formidable competitor.

However, Pinterest has also managed to differentiate itself. Its platform is often a safer environment for brands, since ads are less likely to appear beside hateful content. Additionally, people come to Pinterest looking for inspiration — in other words, they come to Pinterest with the intent to shop. That makes it a better place for marketers to spend ad dollars.

Finally, Pinterest is growing more quickly and its ARPU is several times smaller than Facebook’s ARPP. That means Pinterest has plenty of room to expand, which should create more upside for long-term investors. That’s why Pinterest is the better buy.

This article represents the opinion of the writer, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a Motley Fool premium advisory service. We’re motley! Questioning an investing thesis — even one of our own — helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

Trevor Jennewine owns shares of Pinterest. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Facebook, and Pinterest. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.


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